Android 4.2.2 gets Intel-optimized build


Intel has released a dev build of Android 4.2.2 to their Open Source Technology Center, a big step forward for the company as they look to make more headway into the mobile arena. The code, which is Intel-optimized, is backed by the Linux 3.8 kernel and comes ready to dual-boot on a Windows 8 system.

The pre-alpha build is mostly intended for debugging and testing at this stage, capable of running on Intel-powered PCs as well as smartphones. The good news for the end user is that the release of the early build should spur along any efforts towards manufacturer updates to Android 4.2.2. We wouldn’t suggesting holding your breath, however, if you count yourself among the small population using an Atom-powered Android. Updates to the likes of the RAZR i or Lenovo K900 are likely months out.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I like that Windows 8 / Android Hybrid AiO PC. That looks like something I could use. And with this coming out it’s something that I would look into. The ready to dual-boot feature. Can’t wait to see this on tablets.

    1. I’d definitely consider buying one

  2. No, it doesn’t run on smartphones. Sorry.

    -Matt, Intel corp

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