eBay seller lists “tangerine” Google Glass dev-kit, currently sitting at $8,000


Want to own Google Glass but can’t convince Google to let you pre-purchase a set for $1,000 to $1,500? Well, you could be walking away with a pair of your very own for the low, low price of… wait for it… $8,000! That’s where this shady eBay listing currently sits after about 35 different bids. It’s an outrageous price, but it’s a commodity you won’t quite find anywhere else for the time being.

This is the “tangerine” colored version of the glasses, and we assume it was acquired through one of Google’s Glass Foundry development workshops that was held under tight lock-and-key with a strict NDA. The eBay seller — izoterika with a 100% feedback rating after 57 exchanges — is based in Russia, which is quite odd as we haven’t heard of Google holding any Glass development events in those parts of the world.

Perhaps he traveled to the United States for the Glass Foundry event or had a friend send him a pair. Whatever the case may be, he claims he has a pair and is not letting them go for cheap. The eBay listing shows a photo of the device’s box, and although it looks a bit too tacky to be believable he claims it looks that way because it was handled poorly in transit.

If you want to take a chance on this one you can do so before March 13th, but something tells me you’d be better off waiting until Google’s ready to deliver this product to store shelves itself.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The box looks really bad……and 8000!?
    Omg….and to think just later this year they will sell to mainstream audiences for less than 1500 (reportedly)

  2. The Box looks 1 dimensional with the fold lines drawn on it. The backing on the label does not match the same white color as the box. The grammar on the ebay listing reminds me of a few really bad YouTube comments.

    I am sorry, too fishy for me.

  3. He started the bidding at only $50, you are making him out to sound like he is shady, he cant help what the market is willing to bid the item up to. Extremely poor taste on part of this author!!!

    1. I never said anything about the price being shady, I just meant the general tone of the ad and the fact that it likely isn’t supposed to be up for sale at all.

  4. I’m sure Google can remotely disable this product once it is conected to the Internet, so no real use for a “normal” user, even with $8000 to throw away.

  5. The box looks more like a bag to me bc you can see black stitching around the edges. Is it supposed to be a bag?

  6. IT’S (almost) OVER 9000!!!!!!

    1. um no it’s not. it’s actually at $8,101

      1. Dude. It’s a joke. Was not in the least bit serious. Killjoy -__-

        1. um no, you were dead serious

          1. If you don’t understand the reference, don’t respond, he was simply making a reference to the famous Dragon Ball Z scene as a joke.

          2. you’re an idiot. No one would seriously come back with “I’m no you were dead serious”. clear as day i wasnt the least bit serious. get back to your Dragon Ball Z kid

          3. Due to the vagueness of the term “almost” and interpretations of what almost means to different people, one could say that the price was–at the time of writing–almost over 9000 USD, because one is uncertain to the number of bidders and the amount they are bidding.

            If one person bid over 9000, and then another person also bid over 9000 the resulting ebay power level would have been clearly raised to proportions beyond measure with any standard scanner technology available on planet earth today, one could also say that is impossible.

            So what I am saiyan to you is, just let it go. It was a joke, and you missed it so you just need to relax.

  7. As an attendee of the Glass Foundry in NYC, I can tell you, for sure, that no one (other than Google employees) walked away with Glass that day.

    Unless this person knows someone that smuggled this directly out of Google, I can almost guarantee that this is fake. Also, why wasn’t the device pictured with the bag? He has a picture of “someone” wearing it, but it could’ve come from anywhere on the web (though a GIS didn’t turn anything up using the webcam shot as a seed).

  8. Now, im now genius but i can clearly see that it is either poorly Photoshop or a terrible cut and paste job. Thank your report on this Q.k. and dont let these buttholes bad mouth you.

  9. Looks like it’s gone.

  10. its most def a BAG in the picture not a box. and i could actually see that bag box to be real. just to try to be different. But i still think it could be a fake. I WANT ONE SO BAD!

  11. The listing has been taken down, obviously a fake.

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