OnaDevice attempts to bring another free paid apps service with “Get Free Apps”


It seems Amazon has inspired quite a few folks as of late. After launching its free paid app of the day promo (it’s still running to this day), we’ve seen the likes of Getjar and others create similar options for getting premium Android apps for free. Another option by OnaDevice has come to light, though, and it does its bidding in an interesting way.

The app — simply named “Get Free Apps” — requires you to first buy the app or game in the Google Play Store, and it will then issue you a “refund” by sending a Paypal credit in the amount that you paid to download it. It’s a bit cumbersome, but should you happen to find something you like that no other app stores are offering it could be worth the trouble.

The first game being offered in this promotion is Gameloft’s Asphalt 7, and it will only last for another two days. After that expires, we’re promised that another free app will be offered. OnaDevice didn’t want to confirm whether the promotion would go on forever, but it did say that if the app couldn’t be offered for “free” then they would likely feature an app with a steep discount.

It’s not my cup of tea, honestly, but if this sounds like something you want to try out then all you need to do is download the Get Free Apps app and set your Paypal account up with it. Find that in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. So it can be thought of as a rebate? Earlier in my life I was talking about how I hate rebates and here I am willing to try this. *hypocrite mode on*

    I mean, I’d love my 99 cents back. I can use it on another app.

  2. The interesting part about this is that you’re up-to-date since it’s installed via the Play Store. I stopped using Amazon because the apps were always a version behind which doesn’t work well when you’re on the latest version of Android.

  3. this sounds better to me than the Amazon app store as long as you can use the app without limitation. with the apps i downloaded from amazon no signal meant no app. i haven’t had the same problem with play apps. i think the DRM is handled differently. i would be willing to do this.

  4. dammit! i hate this bull***t! :(

    This app is incompatible with all of your devices.
    This item cannot be installed in your device’s country.

  5. Nah…. last time I did a rebate that wasn’t instant was like in 2004. Refuse to go backwards.

  6. “The available units of the current offer have run out”

  7. This is a great, I still have my $25 play store credit, so now I am getting that back in cash via paypal, if it works….

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