AT&T’s HTC One X gets Jelly Bean update


According to AT&T, HTC One X owners can expect to see the update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean begin arriving on handsets today. It still keeps last year’s HTC flagship a hair behind the curve in terms of the latest Android software, but it’s a major upgrade from the Ice Cream Sandwich build the phone shipped with.

AT&T detailed what users can expect from the update in a blog post, including new Jelly Bean features such as Google Now, enhanced notifications, and more. The phone’s Sense 4 build remains more or less the same with the addition of a new front-facing camera countdown timer. (Curiously, that blog post covering the update has since disappeared from the web. We’re unsure if this means the update launched prematurely.)

To check for the update, which also enable ISIS mobile payments and AT&T’s Locker cloud service, navigate to your phone’s settings menu and check under ‘About phone.’

[via AT&T | Thanks, Rel!]



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  1. About time!!

    1. Now you can quit bitchin lmao

      1. No kidding right. Lol.

    2. I gave you a shout out in my latest video :p

      1. Really!!!!! Did I complain that much?
        What video are u talking about Chris. I would love to see it.

  2. This phone has been on 4.0 this entire time? Yikes, I had assumed it was on Jelly Bean by now. And the best they could do was 4.1? I think it’s safe to assume this phone will never see an official update past 4.1.

    Slow outdated updates, another reason I will pass on the new HTC ONE.

    1. The One X International saw 4.1.1 on November 26th. This is just AT&T finally getting their act together.

      So it’s not a reason to pass on the HTC ONE, it’s a reason to pass on an AT&T carrier-branded HTC ONE.

      1. Well since I live in the United States, if it takes this long for HTC to release updates for U.S. customers then even more reason to pass on them and go with something like the Nexus. Plus, I see no reason why HTC can’t bypass the carrier and provide updates directly the way Samsung has done in the past with their Samsung Kies software.

        It’s 2013, no more excuses for slow updates. If the carrier is the one in the way, find a workaround or put pressure on the carrier. Or get a Nexus from the Play Store :-)

        1. They can’t because the carriers won’t allow it. And in the US market, you have to sell through the carrier to get any sales numbers of note. Samsung updates, even through Kies, have to be carrier approved for carrier-branded phones.

          I’m in total agreement, the carriers need more pressure to be more “open” and take phones that are in a stock or near-stock condition, requiring less futzing. But HTC doesn’t have the market share to do that like Apple and Samsung right now.

          I’m hopeful that they will offer a US Unlocked ONE (preferably a ONE ‘lite’ in 4″ screen) like the Nexus / Play Store version.

  3. Lies!!!!! There is no update. That’s why the blog was removed. Sick and tired of waiting. Grrrrrr

    1. Blog is back up!

    2. Root/unlock/rom. There has been awesome JB roms for a while now.

  4. After switch my HTC One X for Nexus 4 for a month… the update finally came out. However, did you say the Sense 4 remains the same?? And not update to 4+?? That’s not good :(

    1. Even the Evo LTE got 4+…. Pretty ridiculous

      1. Sprint and EVO FTW!

  5. If it’s not released today, at least it’s coming up soon…….. right…?

  6. Getting updated right now.

  7. That’s HTC for you. granted, if this were a VZW phone, morons would be whining that it’s Big Red’s fault. This is one of the reasons why HTC has lost a step.. poor customer relations and lack of timely updates.

    1. AT&T actually is a bit to blame here. Some of the other Snapdragon One X’s for other carriers saw the JB update months ago.

    2. Sprint EVO would like to have a word with this moron. We had our update since December. The SGS3 just got it update on vzw. God you are dumb.

  8. where the @$#@#$ is the 4.1 update for htc one s on t-mobile usa??!?!

  9. Hey, you got tour update on your HTC One X?

  10. Well this is pretty embarrassing

  11. I had an update on mine, not Jellybean. So wtf is the hold up ATT & HTC? This is why I doubt I will ever buy another HTC phone and why I will switch from ATT, they both suck

  12. I just switched to viperxl. Didn’t think this day would ever come. Love my one x but switching to the gs4 and then to the next nexus phone.

  13. Wow… My Tegra 3-based One X was updated to JB back in early December, so I’m inclined to think that this is AT&T’s fault, not HTC.

  14. Sticking with Viper XL

  15. No thank you HTC and AT&T… you blow at software updates. I think i’ll just stick with my AOKP build of Jellybizzle

  16. I just downloaded the update looks good so far…

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