Leaked screenshots confirm Smart Scroll and Smart Pause for Galaxy S4’s TouchWiz build


What we see here are a few screenshots gathered from the latest build of TouchWiz, confirming rumors of Smart Scroll functionality in the Samsung Galaxy S4. In actuality, the screens we see here are from the Galaxy S3’s Android 4.2.1 firmware, but it goes without saying that this is indeed the version of the software we will see on the GS4.

You can see that Smart Scroll and Smart Pause have a range of setting that can be adjusted, tailoring the eye-tracking specifically to the way you want to use it. This includes which applications function with the feature, speed, and acceleration. Smart Pause will automatically pause video content when you look away from your phone.

It’s good to know that after introducing the new feature (as well as Smart Pause) on the Galaxy S4 that it will make its way to older Galaxy versions. We might expect it on the Note 2 as well.

[via SamMobile]


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  1. fake

    1. How so? This is very possible. There is already a feature in S3s and N2s that keep the screen on if it sees you still looking at the screen.

      1. Don’t feed the troll

  2. I would actually find Smart Rotation very useful, because when I’m laying on side on a bed it’s difficult to keep the screen in portrait mode.

    1. Are we ready for the next generation of mobile ads that measure your eye-ball movements ? :)

  3. I heard that if it detects Hillary Clinton’s face it explodes.

    1. No, you were misinformed…it only explodes if it detects Mitch McConnel or any other right wingnut. Maybe even a couple of left wingnuts such as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

    2. I heard that when you use poor political satire on a technology site, you get downvoted

  4. how so? This is very possible. There is already a feature in S3s and N2s that keep the screen on if it sees you still looking at the screen.

  5. Awesome! Wonder how long it will take to get this software to other samsung devices? Would love the smart pause feature on my Tab 2.

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    1. Even with enough signatures, you’re dreaming if you think the gov would do anything about this

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  7. Yeah, I know, government can’t really force a private business to offer a certain service,. . .it is worth a try though!

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  8. “Might expect”? More like “better be”. I plan on trying the Note 2, or 3 and these features seem nice to try.

    And Heaven forbid they leave the time “02:xx” I refuse to have that heinous “0” taking up them few pixels. And yes in the notification bar that’s a lot of space. Saves room for other notifications. =.P

    Unless that’s military time. Then I have nothing to worry about.

  9. Touchwizes system settings looks like gingerbreads, not a fan of it. There’s also no soft keys, so back to capacitive.

  10. So, is it too hard to scroll with A finger? Imagine people with strange looks on their faces now… I find it rather creepy.

  11. I’m pretty sure those screen shots are fake. Either that, or Samsung isn’t consistent with their explanations and has grammar issues. One of the descriptions has as a period at the end, the rest do not. All descriptions, other than Smart stay are described differently (they do not use the feature’s name in the description). Something is wrong.

  12. does anyone think that the s3 and note2 will get these features?

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