Mar 6th, 2013

What we see here are a few screenshots gathered from the latest build of TouchWiz, confirming rumors of Smart Scroll functionality in the Samsung Galaxy S4. In actuality, the screens we see here are from the Galaxy S3’s Android 4.2.1 firmware, but it goes without saying that this is indeed the version of the software we will see on the GS4.

You can see that Smart Scroll and Smart Pause have a range of setting that can be adjusted, tailoring the eye-tracking specifically to the way you want to use it. This includes which applications function with the feature, speed, and acceleration. Smart Pause will automatically pause video content when you look away from your phone.

It’s good to know that after introducing the new feature (as well as Smart Pause) on the Galaxy S4 that it will make its way to older Galaxy versions. We might expect it on the Note 2 as well.

[via SamMobile]


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