Sonos PLAYBAR now available for $700


The Sonos PLAYBAR promises to be a very nice companion for your home theater and a nice complement to an existing Sonos setup, and the thing is now available for sale for anyone who cares to buy one. It’s a $700 unit that can be wall-mounted, and it’s a nine-driver array that can deliver enough high definition sound to fill a moderately-sized room and make it sound like a multi-thousand dollar setup at a movie theater.

It can be used for music, of course, but with just a single optical cable fed to a television it can transform an entire home theater setup without much of a fuss at all. Whether or not such a system is worth $700 is up to you to decide, of course, but if you’ve been looking for a clean setup like this and don’t mind the cost, you can find them for sale at Amazon, Best Buy, or

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  1. For that price we can all afford to get two…

  2. What does this have to do with Android? If i wanted to follow a general tech blog i would follow the verge.

    1. Ignore the article than.

  3. Can I put this in my car? I’ll put it in the back windows while driving. So I wouldn’t need to get a subwoofer. LoL!!

    1. Actually, is not a bad idea.. Lol

  4. this works with my android phone how?

    seriously why is this article here?

    1. Bluetooth? Were you also complaining when posts were about Samsung and LG suing each other? That has nothing to do with Android. And don’t say anything about it having the companies Samsung and LG. I can say the same thing about this having the company Sony.

      It’s not like they’re posting these every hour or something. Although I would agree that it would have better belonged in their Android Overload article.

      1. SONOS not Sony. get it right.

        1. You are right. Shame on me. Very well then.

      2. Dont think there is any Bluetooth in this thing, it requires wired network so anything from your phone must pass your router.

  5. Looks like this was posted to the wrong site lol

  6. Hell no, its not worth that. Who would be crazy that much? You can get a nice surround system with REAL speakers positioned as you desire, not a crammed simulation/trick/A LIE! Plus, with single optical, you cannot integrate this at all with any existing speaker system-you can’t split optical laser with a mirror or something! GIMICKY RIPOFF! you’re welcome.

    1. wow, tell us how you really feel. amirite

    2. Laser, really? :) But yes, you can split that too, there are adapters for that very purpose.

      This is not meant for maximum super fifdelity for your monies, it is primary about design and ease of use, like Bose and other similar brand focuses on. I promise it also sounds quite ok, if not near what to expect from a $700 ordinary speaker pair naturally.

  7. Curious to hear it and compare, 700 is not cheap.


  8. the sonos sound bar connects with android via the android app so that you can control all of your phone’s music or music on your wireless network. and it can be connected to the other sonos speakers like the play 3 and 5 to create a whole home theater system.

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