Mar 6th, 2013

AT&T dealt a very big, very direct blow to T-Mobile in a major advertising campaign being run in America’s biggest newspapers and magazines. AT&T saw fit to remind people, whether it’s accurate or not, that T-Mobile had twice as many dropped calls and twice as many failed calls as AT&T, and that AT&T’s data network was twice as fast. We called AT&T out on the irony of the campaign considering the situation these two companies were in just last year, but it seems T-Mobile doesn’t need our help.

Magenta decided to strike back rather quickly, asking “If AT&T thought our network wasn’t great, why did they try to buy it?” Fair point, though the rabbit hole is much deeper and complex than that would make it seem. Regardless, T-Mobile knows most of the ad’s viewers won’t be looking into why, exactly, AT&T wanted to buy them, and it makes them look even better in the process.

T-Mobile continued: “If you have seen AT&T’s recent advertising campaign, someone is obviously worried. What’s most surprising to us is the disparaging tone of these ads given AT&T’s failed attempt to buy us in 2011. Well don’t take their word for it about our network quality. See the facts for yourself at”

T-Mobile also ran a couple of more ads, asking if we could see the beads of sweat in AT&T’s ad, and pondering why T-Mobile keeps AT&T up at night. Like we said in the article regarding AT&T’s run, the wireless industry is among the fiercest when it comes to head-to-head advertising, and a very interesting can of worms has been opened up here. BRB, need more popcorn.

[via TmoNews]

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