This is how guys will use Google Glass to get laid [VIDEO]


We could talk all day about the implications of Google Glass and what the high-tech eyewear could mean mean for the future of a connected world. Sure, capturing life’s fleeting moments and improving our day-to-day lives sounds all good and dandy, but some dudes out there just wanna know how wearing a chastity belt around their heads is going to hurt their chances with the ladies.

Well, we came across a fun video exploring this very topic. The good news? Having full access to the limitless knowledge of the world wide web strapped to your skull might not hurt your chances at all. But your friends are another story and of course, Apple still finds a way to cock-block. Some things will never change. Watch on.

This is actually a more humorous take from an idea explored in another short movie called Sight. A much darker flick, we featured Sight awhile back when it was blowing up on Vimeo and for those that missed it, here’s where Google Glass could take us in the very distant, cold future. Word of caution: if we ever get to 2099, never date a Google engineer.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Even technology can’t undue the stubborn and confusing signals that woman send. Makes me wonder how the hell this planet is reaching 7 billion people when women are so damn impossible to understand.

    1. You don’t have to understand them to have coitus :-P yes I said coitus thank you Sheldon

    2. Word of advice: stop trying. You’ll be much happier and healthier in the long run,I promise. ;-)

      1. Meaning what?

        1. See my explanation just below. ;)

        2. Stop. Trying. To. Understand. Them.

          It’s like banging your head against a concrete wall. It hurts you, does nothing to the wall, and it still doesn’t put out. xD

    3. Here’s the thing tho. Men shouldn’t try to understand women to begin with.
      Why’s that you might ask?
      Simple. It’s because Women understand women and they hate each other, so why should we want to understand them o_O?

      1. I have this conversation with my girlfriend all the damn time. She’s always saying how all the women at work hate each other.
        Girl fights go on for ever, if a 2 guys get into a fight, its over 5 minutes later when the PS3 turns on.

    4. Because for thousands of years, man did not need consent from a woman to engage in intercourse. For hundreds of generations, womens rights did not exist. I don’t support feminism, but i do support equal rights. Consent is mandatory.

      1. Way to serious up the convo, bro. O_o

        1. this guy “1ceTr0n” was confused how we now have 7 billion peeps on the planet, had to illuminate :D

        2. Just because it is unpleasant doesn’t make it any less true.

          The importance of something is not whether it is positive or negative but whether it is true or false.

  2. You should add the word “creepy” before guys in the title of this article.

    1. Or maybe, just “Chris”?

      1. You don’t need this to get laid bro, your hair is all you need ;)

        1. Some of us men are losing our hair

          1. Thomas was addressing Chris directly and specifically. He didn’t mean it in any sort of general sense, as in “you all”.

          2. Chris is still a young pup…it will still probably happen to him…

          3. I’m 45, dude. O_o

          4. Chomo

      2. I thought the two were synonymous… :D

  3. I saw Sight about a year ago and absolutely love it. As for the Glass video, it’s great!

  4. first video was good. the ending was stupid . second one is meh.

  5. this is epicly funny!

  6. Can they track your eyes and tell you what % of your day you spent staring at boobs?

    1. There will be an app for that.

      1. It will be freemium. ;-P

        1. Dear, God no. Lol

    2. That would be some high numbers lol

      1. because they come in pairs? :-)

    3. today I am aiming for 13.8% boob viewing.

      1. It’s dissertation hand in, in a week, so I’m aiming nice and low at 32% boob viewing.

        1. Damn you!
          I work in IT… the availability of boob is limited at best. :(

          1. Do pixel ones count? You could reach “level 5” just by having a related wallpaper!

          2. I believe they do… but people at my work are hyper sensitive. They made one guy take down pictures of his wife because she was in a bikini.

            Personally I think it’s because the floor mgr is jealous of how hot dude’s wife is. Hell… I am, and I let him know every week hahah!

    4. Can they tell that I don’t look at boobs? Ever.

      More importantly, can they tell when I am looking at the device and NOT dim the screen until I look away from the device.

  7. LMAO

  8. Any dumb broad that wears and apple logo has got to be a bad lay. Blow up doll would be better than her.

  9. What a complete amateur, he should have had a Myo than he could have used gestures instead of blurting out Google >.>

  10. LoL siri is such a cockblock,

    1. All those Apple geeks shouldn’t have told her how pretty she way… Now she’s got a ‘tude!

  11. funny

  12. Oh no, I am a geek big time but this is just to over the top even for the geekiest of geeks.
    We are the One, the One is everywhere!

    We complain about “invasion of privacy”, yet we will allow this to happen, oxymoron?

  13. First time I saw that Sight thing. And you gotta love the references. In the future, apparently, the hot game will be a VR Superman 64.

    Also an interesting commentary on robotic enhancements. If we start installing software into /ourselves/ that means that people literally can be hacked into, as illustrated here. All kinds of implications.

  14. Was entertaining, but pitiful in reality because there are those that think technology will help them score.

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