Sprint 4G rolls out to nine new markets


Those on the Now Network will be seeing Sprint’s glorious 4G LTE signal live in nine new markets as the carrier has announced expansion of its network. Folks in Altoona, Pa., Asheville, N.C., Columbus, Ind., Elkhart/Goshen, Ind., Hammond, La., La Crosse, Wis., San Juan, Puerto Rico, Statesville, N.C., and Temple, Texas will all be able to pull down high-speed data on devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and the upcoming HTC One. This also means those on Virgin Mobile and Boost mobile will be able to access LTE in those areas as those Sprint subsidiaries share the same 4G LTE signal. Happy times for all, indeed. Be sure to check for the 4G icon on your phone whenever you get a chance.

[via Sprint]

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  1. if it doesn’t have my duty station on there(hawaii), i aint fuckin interested.. lol.

  2. Still no Detroit, Michigan? I think all Detroit area mobile users should abandon Sprint since Sprint has abandoned us. No HSPA+ + No WiMax + no LTE + $10 Premium charge = not my carrier

    1. No HSPA+? On Sprint? No crap!

      1. I think he was just pushing home the fact that the now network has been absent from ANY type of 4G activity in MI…for what seems like forever…no wait, it has been forever. Yeah I laugh at my buddy when he is pulling down like 300 kbps.

        1. Wimax in Grand Rapids so yeah there is sprint “4G” in MI

          1. Touche.

          2. It makes no sense that Grand Rapids has WiMax and the Detroit area doesn’t. Detroit was originally suppose to be a WiMax launch city, but it never happened.

        2. Exactly, that was my point. I know Sprint does not support HSPA+. My point was that they extort $10 from Detroit area subscribes with 3G service that is subpar at best. There is no 4G service of any type in Detroit.

          1. Have you even looked at your bill for the past, oh I don’t know, 2 years? Cause that $10 fee is for “premium data”, not “4G data”. Granted, 300 kbps isn’t very “premium”, but besides the Wimax screw up (which should really be blamed on Clearwire, not Sprint), Sprint has made no promises about which cities get LTE.
            Also, don’t feel like being “extorted”? Move to a different carrier.

          2. Everyone knows it was a 4G fee and it was only a fee for 4G phones, at first/. Sprint called it a premium data fee as a gimmick and probably to avoid lawsuits. It allows Sprint to falsely advertise their price because they call the $10 a fee and don’t have to include it when they advertise their prices. Since all smart phones include this “fee”, why don’t they just put it as part of their price and call it a day.

            3G phones before WiMax didn’t get charged “premium data” for 300 kbps so why should WiMax phones that only gets 300 kbps pay a premium data fee. I left Sprint for T-Mobile and enjoy up to 22 Mbps and a cheaper bill.

          3. Did Sprint initially dub it a “4g fee”? Yeah. But not even 6 months after they rolled out the new fee, they changed it to “premium data”, and a few months after that (2 years ago) applied it to phones that were 3G only. And people like you still label it a “4G fee”, even though it isn’t exclusive to 4G capable phones, and hasn’t been so for quite awhile.
            Also, you can’t tell me other carriers don’t do the same shady crap. Maybe not “4G/premium data”, but they sure do some weird stuff.

          4. A 4G fee by another other name is still a 4G fee. As I recall, the fee was required by Clearwire to help build out their 4G network. I also believe it was Clearwire that pushed Sprint to charge the fee for all smartphones because the contract they had with Sprint specified that.

            I can’t think of any other carrier who has a $10 fee that isn’t part of their advertised price. With T-Mobile, I pay about $4 more than their advertised price for fees and taxes. Verizon is notorious for nickel diming fees, but even they have gone towards more straight forward (albeit expensive) pricing.

      2. I guess you missed the point. No 4G of any kind in the Detroit area from Sprint but they still extort the premium charge for 300Kbps speeds..

    2. HSPA+? You know Sprint is all CDMA/LTE, right?
      No Wimax? Sprint said they were done with Wimax over a year ago. What rock have you been living under?
      No LTE? Did you not read at least the title of the article you’re posting this comment in?

      1. He was pointing out that Sprint’s attempts at 4G have been terrible and largely failed. Now they’re failing at launching LTE in markets that matter.

      2. Yes, I do. I was pointing out that one of the top 10 markets in the United States has been ignored. I think Sprint has ignored Phoenix too when it has come to 4G service. I only mentioned HSPA+ as a 4G technology meaning there is no 4G service of any kind from Sprint in Detroit..

        1. Despite what T-Mobile would have you believe, HSPA+ isn’t 4G. It’s just 3G on steroids.
          As for what Sprint has/hasn’t “ignored”, there’s a lot of other markets Sprint hasn’t (yet) gotten to that everyone else feels is “more important”. Heck, Washington DC, THE nation’s capitol (and arguably the most important), still doesn’t have LTE in even half of the city. Deal with it.

          1. I figured you would say HSPA+ isn’t 4G. If you knew anything about the 4G standard, you would know that WiMax and LTE are not 4G either. To adhere to the 4G standard, they would have to support speeds of 100Mbps or higher. Even LTE does not support those speeds yet. 4G has become a marketing term that denotes a level of speed.

            Just because Washington DC is the nation’s capital doesn’t make it the most important. Washington DC has not been ignored. You said it doesn’t have LTE in half the city. I presume that means it has LTE in the other half. I also bet that the part that doesn’t have LTE does have WiMax. Detroit (and I believe Phoenix, as well) don’t even have WiMax. In fact, Detroit was originally listed as a WiMax launch city in 2007. I guess you haven’t had Sprint employees repeatedly lie to you telling that even though it wasn’t yet official that WiMax would be rolled out to your city soon for several years.

  3. Since I still have the E4GT, I thought WiMax was being spread out. The title did say “4G” and didn’t specify. I felt horribly deceived, but it’s also my own fault for not having common sense.

    Maybe I’m just sulking over the lack of decent coverage.

    1. Yea Wimax expansions are pretty much dead. Everything from here on out will be LTE.

      1. <—Had the E4GT on sprint too. Couldn't take waiting on updates so I rooted it and now it runs Jelly bean 4.1.1 on Codename. Good for a while, but inevitably switched to Magenta for the N4. Couldn't be happier. My pockets agree.

  4. Nice all the people without 4g have been paying for cuz they have a “4g capable phone” for all these years they can afford to light up a real 4g network! Thaanks everybody!

  5. Oh Sprint, how I want to tell you where to stick this update. Rhode Island, the 13th State of this country gets the shaft again. Nice to see a non voting US territory get their blazing fast 4G. As soon as T-Mobile gets a good phone I’m done with you clowns and your 56k dial up 3G speeds.

    1. Go with the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile. You can get it from Google for cheap, or get it from T-mobile. Sure it’s not LTE, but I pull an average of 7-10Mbps on HSPA+ with T-Mobile (highest was 14Mbps) here in Jersey and it’s a hell of a lot faster than my averages on Sprint.

      1. It’s $50 on their website with a 2 year contract. Seems like a steal. I’d have to pay about a $70 ETF to leave Sprint and I’d have to sell my EVO LTE.

        1. It’d still be an upgrade. Sprint’s network alone should be enough to switch. T-Mobiles cellular footprint is much larger, 88% of it being blanketed in 4G goodness.

      2. Just bought it at the store. I thought I was on wifi, nope HSPA speeds. Call quality like a house phone, and a blazing fast phone with no bloatware? Happy camper!

  6. I would like to see a nation wide roadmap, with ETA’s, updated quarterly. Too afraid to put it out there because they know they won’t meet most. But, still, would like to see if where I love is ever predicted to get it.

    1. is the closest you’re going to get.

  7. I’m making my obligatory “No Phoenix, no thank-you” protest post. I get to leave Sprint in June after 4 years of being promised 4G and not getting it. (My Family’s 4 lines and my in-laws 6 lines are all leaving as well.)

    1. Same here in Miami. Been with for 4+ years and can’t wait to leave in May. My data speed in most areas is reminiscent of dial up. The price is great, but what good is unlimited if its unbearably slow. its like being told you can drive as fast as you want but your car only goes 30 mph.

      1. Same deal with the speed here in Phoenix. I get 98kbs up on a good day. Horrible. My phone is only useful on WiFi.

        … and honestly I wouldn’t be upset if they had been honest with me about all of this, but they have been promising me 4G for four years. It’s all lies.

  8. Still nothing in the Twincities ):(

    1. What are you talking about? There’s more and more Sprint LTE showing up
      all the time in the Twin Cities. Blaine, Hugo, Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, Woodbury, Brooklyn
      Park, parts of St. Paul, parts of Minneapolis, Chaska, and more. You can see the coverage here:

  9. at the rate sprint’s rolling out their LTE it seems t-mobile will/can easily outpace them when their LTE network goes live later this year

  10. I have been patient for a long time and never expected to get it this soon . Its great what a pleasant surprise

  11. Really, Puerto Rico gets LTE but not some of the US’ biggest cities haven’t gotten a rollout? Are they just throwing darts at a map to roll out LTE?

    Sprint is bleeding subs. I’m gone as soon as my Nexus 4 shows up and I go to a non sprint MVNO.

    1. puerto rico has prettier people than your city? therefor it deserves LTE first?

    2. That’s how I felt. The north east is the most populated region in the country. For 3 years now I’ve been paying that $10 for 4G, and for 3 years Rhode Island has gotten the shaft. WiMax failure (although that applies to everybody) , no 4G rollout, and terrible 3G speeds. Then you see that PR gets LTE, or some fishing village on the outskirts of civilization.

  12. San Diego California here…I’ve been getting 4G in certain spots for the last 7 days. We must be next to get it soon….I got 9mb download speed on LTE.

  13. Still no love for erie pa? Wtf…

  14. NICE! I’m glad they finally got around to deploying in these incredibly densely populated area. Soon they’ll be deploying in Mayberry where Andy Griffith and his large police force can take advantage of it. No need to cover those desolate places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York. Those few customers can wait another few months.

    1. the bigger the area the longer it’s gonna take to get all the towers upgraded, the smaller cities in large markets are gonna be annouced first, like la crosse for example, being upgraded the same time as the twin cities in nearby MN, where there is probably already LTE, but i’d guess not enough of the area is done to annouce it

      1. San Francisco is only 49 sq miles compared to La Crosse which is about 20 sq miles. It makes much more sense to focus on deployment in more densely populated areas rather than spending money deploying in these smaller markets.

        1. I doubt they would announce San Francisco the city only and not refer to the whole San Francisco metro which is considerably larger than just 49 sq miles.

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  15. for those that are waiting hands and feet for sprint LTE……dont bother….even after you get it…it’s super flacky and speeds are slow……its like a shitty job they are diong…putting up the LTE support..but dont bother to do it right…its quantity vs quailty…. i’m getting like 1.57 mbps down… that blows on LTE…its bunch of bullshit propoganda…I’m in Rockford, IL…

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  17. Bring LTE service to Southern California (Orange County, Los Angeles County)

  18. Bring LTE service to Southern California (Orange County & Los Angeles County)

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