Is this our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S4? [UPDATE]


Right before the closing of the day, the boys (girls?) at @evleaks are it again. This time they’re bringing us some possible images of the Samsung Galaxy S4 ahead of its official unveiling in New York next week. While little information regarding the images was given (literally just “…”), it appears as if the images were screen grabs taken possibly from Samsung’s website, showing off a few of the device’s specs, along with a very plain (almost too plain) render of the phone.

Super squarish in appearance, the S4 shows a fitting departure from the S3’s rounded “Pebble” styling, and something this writer finds a bit more appealing than the long and skinny display of the original. We know it’s not much to go on, but if true, how are you guys taking to the almost Note-like stylings of Samsung’s upcoming flagship? Anyone out there feel like Samsung should stick with the S3 shell, updating only the screen res, camera, and processor speed ala Apple?

UPDATE: Looks like our suspicions were correct, this was nothing more than a placeholder from online retailer Expansys, readying for the launch of the device. Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch 2013 continues…

[Twitter 1, 2]

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  1. That device has a 6″+ screen, so I doubt it. Unless those aren’t to scale

    1. Original Galaxy is about 3-inches, so yeah, there’s no way those are to scale. Lol

      1. They are progressively further away from the camera.

  2. Lol ya that’s much bigger than 5″.. And it’s fugly

    1. I think it’s just no longer 4:3. Screen is a teeny bit more wider like the Nexus 4.

      1. 1920 x 1200? Seeing as the N4 uses a 768 screen.

  3. Not buying it…look for an LCD panel and a more appealing design…this or a One? Hmmm?

  4. Gigantor! Many of the latest phones have gotten way too big to be utilitarian. I don’t want to hold a tablet up to my ear when on a call. Manufacturers need to find the sweet spot some where in the 4″-5″ range. A mobile device loses something when you have to use two hands to operate it.

  5. final nail in the coffin for Samsuck

    1. over/under 20 down votes on this post?

      1. I don’t know, but we phandroids like to be polite to visitors, so let me get you started on that. :-P

    2. What makes you say this?

      1. I like to mess with samsung users. They do the same thing on HTC posts.

        1. Fair enough.

    3. >.> Not this guy again, he seems more excited about the new Galaxy S4 than us Phandroids. Calm down and wait.

      1. I too am a phandroid, sir… I just feel that Samsuckers are the new Apple sheep

        1. The difference is that Sammy actually shows that they are interested in innovating.

  6. This is the most obvious fake ever. It looks EXACTLY like a fake “leak” that came out for the GS3 way back when. The phone is a blowup of some other square phone with a large display drawn on top of it. To top it off there is no physical home button which Samsung will undoubtedly have.

    1. I agree…surprised this is even posted here. If this was a grab from sammys website, wouldn’t they use a better image on the screen.

      1. Could be a placeholder for a nicer, higher-res image to come after the announcement. Who knows.

        In any case, evleaks almost always nails their leaks and with the launch barely a week away, somethings bound to pop up and it makes sense evleaks would nab something. They do it all the time.

  7. *puts Note 2 on ebay*

  8. Minimal bezel, nice, BIG, 4:3 screen, onscreen (?) buttons…so far, so good.

    1. Good luck reaching your thumb across the screen if this is true.

      1. could just use a pie navi like LMT >.>

      2. No sweat. ;-P

  9. This image is wrong in two major ways.

    Firstly, the side-by-side comparisons between the SIV and the older 3 generations is completely out of scale. I worked out based on what we could see that the Galaxy SIII has a screen occupying roughly 131x234px. Therefore in the scale, is 4.8″ = 267px. Therefore, 5″ would be 278px diagonally. This is about 317px diagonally, meaning if this is to scale it would be more in the vicinity of 5.7″. That said, the original Galaxy S is 3.35″ (compared with 4″ in reality), so clearly none of this is in scale.

    Secondly, and even more worringly. This screen is the wrong aspect ratio. I thought it looked too wide, but when I measured it was indeed incorrect. Every rumour and logic itself points to a 1080×1920 screen, so 9:16 aspect ratio.The screen in the image for the GSIV is 166×271. This is half way between a 10:16 and 9:15 ratio. It would need to be 14 pixels more narrow to look legitimate. Maybe Samsung is releasing a 1200×1920 device instead… but I doubt they’d move the Note II from that ratio back down to widescreen only to move the Galaxy S in the other direction.

    This could certainly be a rough design guide, but I think these two significant flaws are enough of a reason to disregard this image as being authentic in any way.

    (I also can’t imagine Samsung going with on-screen buttons, but that’s another matter entirely.)

    Also, I resized the GS4 so that (relative to the GS3) it is too scale:


    Update: Confirmed fake. It’s a placeholder.

    1. With little to no info given by Evleaks and their tweet, we don’t know if this is something official, or something evleaks themselves came up with after seeing the phone. We know it looks “off,” but we’ve seen previous leaks from evleaks that didn’t look right, only to be proven real once the device was unveiled.

      I say let’s bookmark this post and come back to this conversation come March 14th :p

      1. Ev deleted both tweets. That should tell ya something.

    2. You make a good point, but these phones are clearly shown behind one another, not side by side. Whether they were actually shot that way or photoshopped to reflect that distance (which could be the phone’s width or more), this would seem to potentially account for your findings. Well, except for the aspect ratio.

  10. People, calm down. There is no way that the size of the device is scaled to match the others, i.e. it’s not that big. Looking at the render, if it’s accurate, and the well reported screen size of 4.99″ is correct, then its footprint may actually be smaller than the S3. Simply look at the SCREEN itself, and compare that to the S3 behind it. It’s just a presentation gimmick. It’s mot like the Galaxy s was that much smaller than the S2, then the S2 co the S3. The images are not to scale.

  11. That’s not the Galaxy S 4 in the pic its a Note 2 just look at the size compared to the s3

    1. That’s not a Note 2, the Note 2 has its sensors at the top of the bezel not towards the bottom like that one.

  12. Nah, that thing is note sized. The screen is much too big to be 5″.

  13. No microSD?

    1. Maybe it’s a feature not heavily advertised.

  14. I really think the giveaway here that it’s a fake is the fact that it’s missing the physical key button at the bottom…everything we’ve heard so far indicates they kept it yeah?

  15. According to the recent leaks, the physical home button is here to stay. If this is a fake, you’d think the person who created this would want to make it more realistic….

  16. That mock-up looks like something a 10-year-old did in Photoshop. I don’t buy this is real, but if it is, it looks pretty fail to me.

  17. I think this is fake, I think what types it off for me is the lack of a home button which I believe reading somewhere that Samsung said they were going to keep for a while

  18. The Galaxy S3 is already too big to hold, and that thing looks way bigger? I’ve had it with Samsung.

  19. yeah,,, i’m not feeling it. i really hope that the actual S4 looks better than this.

  20. they are going to keep home button so I call fake

  21. Don’t care if that’s real or not, the 5″ screen puts the GS4 off my possible list for GS3 replacements. Love my GS3, and I’m sure the 4 will be awesome, but that screen is just to big for me to use one-handed. Even my 4.8″ GS3 can give me problems.

  22. The screen will still pail in comparison to The HTC One X or EvoLTE.

  23. I think they should keep the phone’s design the same and have their Note lineup more square.

  24. Please stop making references to Apple.

    1. Should I treat it as a bad word? *pple maybe?

  25. Did the Galaxy Note procreate with an iPad mini ?

  26. This is obviously a fake. How can you fall for something THIS fake? Did you remember last year at all? gazilion concept images but none were true. Samsung actually knows how to keep their devices under wraps.

  27. These images are obviously bogus. It doesn’t take a fucking genius to figure that one out. They are obviously illustrations that I could have made easily in Adobe Illustrator. Dumbasses.

  28. I realize this is not to scale and probably fake, but why can’t we have high end specs in a mid-sized phone? For me 4.5″ with physical buttons or 4.7″ with on-screen is the max I can use comfortably. Unfortunately manufacturers only put the best tech in their biggest phones.

  29. I don’t get why you guys think this is real the screen is clearly not even centered, it has more bezel on the right side of the phone than on the left.

  30. Okay guys we get it. The image is fake.

  31. It’s going to be aluminium body people…. Check the no. “4”, so shiny and it’s an aluminium.

  32. If that is actually the sgs4 then it will be my next phone. I really hope they get rid of the physical home button.

  33. It’s fake. Expansys told everyone on Twitter that evleaks stole their image made by Expansys web page designer. Bad bad evleaks!

  34. Looks like a 16:10 aspect ratio, hopefully that’s at least correct.

  35. then htc one will be the phone to beat! that if this is in fact the gs4.

  36. LOL it doesn’t even follow the 16:9 pattern… so fake

  37. I’d say that the image is fake. But even as a “rendering,” that could potentially be what the Note 3 will look like.

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  39. I just don’t know how the new “skinny jean” fad is going to fit this device in their front pockets? lol! Larger phones and tighter pants, what’s the world coming to?

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