Mar 4th, 2013

Right before the closing of the day, the boys (girls?) at @evleaks are it again. This time they’re bringing us some possible images of the Samsung Galaxy S4 ahead of its official unveiling in New York next week. While little information regarding the images was given (literally just “…”), it appears as if the images were screen grabs taken possibly from Samsung’s website, showing off a few of the device’s specs, along with a very plain (almost too plain) render of the phone.

Super squarish in appearance, the S4 shows a fitting departure from the S3’s rounded “Pebble” styling, and something this writer finds a bit more appealing than the long and skinny display of the original. We know it’s not much to go on, but if true, how are you guys taking to the almost Note-like stylings of Samsung’s upcoming flagship? Anyone out there feel like Samsung should stick with the S3 shell, updating only the screen res, camera, and processor speed ala Apple?

UPDATE: Looks like our suspicions were correct, this was nothing more than a placeholder from online retailer Expansys, readying for the launch of the device. Samsung Galaxy S4 Watch 2013 continues…

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