AT&T Sony Xperia TL receiving Android 4.1 update


AT&T’s Sony Xperia TL is getting its taste of Jelly Bean just a few weeks after its international counterpart, the Sony Xperia T, received the new software. According to users over at XDA, the update is now appearing via Sony’s PC companion software for installation via sideloading.

Users can expect a smoother software experience with the addition of all the Android 4.1 trappings, including Google Now. Sony has added an “extended battery mode” and the camera gets HDR functionality. In terms of tweaks and bug fixes, the update offers better stability when using WiFi.

No word on if the update is rolling out over the air, or if it will in the future. For now, if you have the PC app you should be able to perform the upgrade with little hassle.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Great news, my gf has this phone and I have been waiting for a while! It just sucks that I don’t have the phone with me to check software updates atm.

  2. Poor One X.

  3. WTF…I’m done with AT&T after this. The HTC One X should have gotten the update before any of this crap

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