Feb 28th, 2013

Our friends over in India can now purchase and read books on their Android devices (and in their browsers) as Google has made Play Books available to folks in that country. Whether or not certain Indian users can actually purchase those books due to lack of support for a great deal of credit cards and banks in that region is a different story, but if you can find some way to get your payment information onto Google Wallet then you’re in business.

Alongside that news, a new update has been issued for the app in the Google Play Store. The changelog mentions improved performance, an astounding amount of bug fixes (over 90), and new user interface tweaks. Included in said tweaks include a drop-down menu in the library view that will allow you to filter books by type, and the place name will now be identified on whichever page you’re viewing when the reading controls are visible. As with anything Google, the app is free and yours for taking in the Play Store.

[thanks Hasnain!]