Hands-on: Alcatel One Touch Star and One Touch Idol


New for Mobile World Congress, the Alcatel One Touch Star is an entry level device that packs a bit of style to boot. Think of it as something along the lines of LG’s L Series. It features a 4-inch display, dual-core 1GHz processor, and 5MP camera.

The One Touch Star runs Jelly Bean (4.1) with Alcatel’s custom experience, which isn’t too far a stretch from Google’s stock build. Like Alcatel’s most recent devices, it carries and air of quality we normally wouldn’t associate with handset’s from the company, a nice trend that we would like to see continue. The One Touch Star blends budget with build in a mostly successful way.

Not so new for MWC, but still worth checking out, is the Alcatel One Touch Ultra. This phone site below the Ultra Idol in Alcatel’s lineup, sporting a dual-core 1GHz processor, 8MP camera, and 4.66-inch qHD display. The One Touch Idol felt generally cheaper than the other devices Alcatel had on display. It could make a good mid-range device for those looking to avoid splurging

Alcatel seems to be on the up and up when it comes to device manufacturing, and with the right marketing and a strong push it wouldn’t be surprising to see the company’s future offerings making a few waves in the mobile industry. They don’t have much of a presence in the US, but many of their recent devices are planned to launch in the States at some point in the near future. As for the One Touch Star, that should be hitting other markets as early as March.

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  1. Good lookin phones, but watch out for their support of them. Bought a alcatel(less than 6 months ago), and they didn’t have usb drivers for that particular model, had to play with the google sdk driver, put the right id’s into the downloaded usb drivers you get from their site, just to fix this. They acted like it wasn’t their problem. Watch out for their support.

  2. Why do they have an extra coord attached to the phone? I’d love to more about those security attachments. Odd, I know.

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