First look: Gaming on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 mobile processor [VIDEO]


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 mobile processing platform is due to drop later this year, but the company was showing off the new system-on-a-chip at Mobile World Congress. We got to check out a lot of cool features the new CPU will offer, including media and audio, but we also had some time to have a go at gaming with Qualcomm’s latest innovation.

Of course, the main goal here is gaming performance, and Qualcomm achieves a blend of high-quality graphics and responsiveness through the deployment of an Adreno 330 GPU coupled with the Krait-based quad-core processor. The  chip can achieve clock speeds of over 2.0GHz, simply eclipsing anything on the market today.

The chip was being demoed within a reference tablet, which offered the buttery smoothness you could expect from a dedicated gaming machine, if not console quality graphics. Qualcomm had two demos for consumption, a full-on version of Need For Speed: Most Wanted and a demo showcasing a rendered image of a fire-breathing dragon, complete with benchmarks. While the latter offered a glimpse behind the scenes, Need For Speed was obviously the draw here, streamed direct from the tablet to the a TV.

Snapdragon 800 will no doubt be a hit with manufacturers already utilizing the company’s 600 series platform. And that’s basically everyone release a high-end phone within the past six months. Real world use will be the ultimate test of how the 800 fairs, but the future looks promising.

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  1. Dude, you have to sway from the police and then smash it with the side of your car. Better yet, drift at a turn, because the MF will try to catch your there, and you’ll be ready to show him Kuzka’s Mother.

    And the game doesn’t look any better than on Exynos-sporting Note 10.1

  2. considerable lag between tilting the tablet and the car turning? wtf?

    1. Miracast Wireless display? No HDMI cables visible in the video from the tablet.

  3. Looks a little choppy.

  4. looks painful

  5. The future looks like the present!

  6. Ok so what am i looking at?

  7. so they are showing the same game that can run on a dual core s4? wow amazing , I want to see something I haven’t seen before in mobile graphics, qualcomm keeps boasting about how powerful the snapdragon 800 which will set a new benchmark, well feed the beast.

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