Feb 26th, 2013

Angry Birds exploded to become the first big crazy coming out of the mobile scene with plush toys, apparel, references to the brand in pop culture, and a ton more following the games themselves. Now, it’s about to turn into a cartoon. The folks at Rovio have announced Angry Birds Toons, a new cartoon series that’ll take us deeper into the lives and struggles between the birds and the pigs.

This ongoing battle definitely does seem to have enough plumpness to it to fill out an entire cartoon series, and it’s something that could really take off if it eventually gets picked up on the right network. That said, Angry Birds Toons is a web-only series for now, so if you want your kids taking in bird-on-pig violence you’ll have to have them do it via a browser.

The new series will premiere March 16th and 17th, and new episodes will be available each weekend from then. Bookmark this page and get ready to dive into one of the most interesting cartoons you’ll probably watch as an adult (be honest, you know you’re going to check it out). Anyone interested?

[via Rovio]