T-Mobile offering Nexus 4 for free through Sunday [DEALS]


If you’re a T-Mobile customer who’s looking for a new smartphone and doesn’t mind being tethered to a two-year commitment, then one awesome deal has sprung up that will last for this weekend only. Magenta is offering the Nexus 4 for free after instant discounts and a $50 mail-in rebate card. If you anticipate being with T-Mobile for the next two years and don’t think you’ll need a new phone within that time then you’d be a fool to pass this one up.

Still, some folks might find it more economical to grab the device from the Google Play Store instead, where El Goog is selling it for a minimum of $300 unlocked. That’s a great price for a phone of this magnitude that doesn’t come with any contractual obligations. Head here if you’d rather take that particular route, but if T-Mobile’s current offer is fine for you then make no delay in ordering one here.

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It’s weird that all the talk is that they are moving towards no contracts but yet they do this.

    1. I wonder if the few people who aren’t very good at math already bought their nexus 4’s at T-mobile and they reordered and now have nexus4’s that aren’t selling well now that the scarcity on google play is over.

      1. what? say that again

        1. He said: “I wonder if the few people who aren’t very good at math already bought their nexus 4’s at T-mobile and they reordered and now have nexus4’s that aren’t selling well now that the scarcity on google play is over.”

          1. I thought that’s what he said!

    2. You still have to sign a 2 year contract when you go for their value plan.

  2. You’ll still be paying too much for the device, over a 2 year contract your paying $20 extra a month for a value plan over a classic plan x 24 months = $480, when it only costs $350 from google.
    Buying this phone from T-mobile will never be a good deal.

    1. why would you pay 20 extra when the phone is free? don’t you just pay for the monthly usage fee?

      1. T-Mobile discounts service for those on value plans (no contract).

        1. FYI…you are incorrect. Value plans require a two year contract. Which is completely stupid. I have to pay for the full retail phone price myself with no subsidy and still sign a two year contract. No thanks.

          1. Just get a classic plan while they still offer it … Pay more for the phone upfront but u get a subsidy & pay more for your plan… :)

          2. Or, be a very long time customer like myself in a grandfathered plan that is no longer offered including a grandfathered data plan which is also no longer offered, both of which are cheaper than any plan currently available including the value plan, and I get phone subsidies including this Nexus 4 completely free. I think I’ll stick with my grandfathered plan thank you very much.

          3. When I had my faves family plan 400mins text & data .. best plan ever lol

          4. You pay less for the phone up front with classic because of the discount. Value customers pay more up front in the form of a down payment and split the remainder into 20 equal payments. For that, you are charged less. You may pay the same as a classic for the first 21 months, but after that the device is yours and no more phone payments. Not to mention with value, there is NO data plan required as with classic.

          5. Umm never seeing as how I look at the prices daily u never pay less upfront with classic galaxy .. they subsidize the phone on classic but you still pay more upfront unless you get some kind of web deal

    2. eh, easy enough to get this deal and save $150 compared to buying from google. buy it from tmobile, and pay the etf or convert to the value plan, either of which will cost $200.

      1. Nevermind you mentioned the fee

      2. I kinda hate it when people say that. So are you going to set aside the money you would have saved for 2 years and use it in one large bulk? If not then why does it matter to point that out?

        You’d save money taking the metro bus every day over driving your car. You shouldn’t fall for these antics. You can save money doing a lot of things. The thing is can you save a lot of money within a short amount of time.

        EDIT: Holy guacamole this is 3 days old!!

    3. depending on your down payment for the value plan, will determine your monthly payment for the device. and it’s spread over 20 months, not 24.

  3. Is Vermont the only state that T-Mobile doesn’t offer service?

    I know you can roam here but if you actually LIVE here, T-Mobile wants nothing to do with you.

  4. i feel sorry for the people that paid for this phone a few days back and further…….getting it from goog is still cheaper over the long run.

    1. only if you get the $30 a month plan. If you get the $60 or 70 prepaid plan, then it doesnt come out cheaper.

  5. tmobile is saying, “no really… join our networking.. PULLLLEASE.. we are going under!!!”

  6. anyone getting this phone will love it …contract or no contract and making it free makes it even sweeter

  7. Not available if you are already a T-Mobile customer, apparently.

  8. Free on contract is a good deal.

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