Report: Google Glass to get general consumer release by end of this year (and one user’s take on it from personal experience)


It’s been a good month for Google Glass, it seems. Following seemingly successful rounds of developer workshops (the results of which are being protected under strict non-disclosure agreements), Google confirmed it would be expanding the Glass Explorer program to give lucky (and rich) users a chance to get the device in its early stages for $1,500. While most of us probably won’t be crazy enough to spend that much on it, new information suggests we’ll all have a crack at the device for a cheaper price much sooner.

CNet has heard it from a source that Google would carry out a consumer launch of Google Glass by the end of 2013. The original timeline was early-mid 2014 so this is even better than we expected. The device will apparently come to us for less than $1,500, though price has yet to be pinpointed just yet. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed that it won’t be in the range of thousands of dollars.

Other information gleaned from the source suggests Google Glass will be able to interface with both Android devices and iPhone devices, and will do so via Bluetooth. The device won’t have its own cellular radios so it’ll leverage the WiFi connection or cellular data from whichever phone or tablet it’s connected to. This makes a lot of sense, and to be quite honest we never expected Google Glass to be made with the idea that it could be used 100% independent of other devices.

In other news, The Verge’s Joshua Topolsky has had a go with the smart glasses for himself. As far as we know, this is the first user account of Google Glass out there, and it gives us a good idea of what to expect from a consumer standpoint before they officially hit store shelves.

Topolsky discusses design, potential, and his thoughts on whether or not Google Glass has what it takes to be the next big innovation in computing — long story short, he says it’s a matter of “when,” not “if.” Find that delicious story here, and let us know if you’re going to be in line for a pair of these if they do, in fact, drop by the end of this year.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Thank god I didn’t buy the fancy, new, underpriced Pixel, I’ll spend it on this instead.

    1. but… but… that screen!

  2. This is a technology that I’ll be waiting for the second or third generation. First adopters will most likely be labeled douchbags when they wear these in public.

    1. So… don’t use a product you will end up getting eventually because for a bit you’ll be made fun of for it?

      1. Sounds like a good idea to me personally…

        I won’t be jumping on board though, unless there is something insaaane that they come up with.

        1. Your saying that getting turn by turn directions layed over reality isn’t insane!?!? Or having a go pro at anytime isn’t insanely cool!?! What the hell are you using the galaxy s6!

    2. I’m ok with being labeled a douchebag. Wouldn’t be the first time. I just don’t have $1500 for this.

    3. Kinda of like when smart phones and tablets first came out huh? Yeah I’m not waiting efff that feeling like a douchebag, I got over that in college and the iPad and then the note, tech is cool. It’s not my fault if someone is jelly lol!

      1. No, more like Bluetooth than smart phones. I imagine douchbags walking around talking loudly like with Bluetooth headsets.

    4. They said you can manually attach it to any sunglasses. Easy DIY.

    5. i would have to wait for second or third gen for a pair with prescription lenses how is following the latest tech being a douchbag

    6. Yep, hoping for the full HUD with AR capabilities personally, but this is a promising start.

    7. A douchebag, with Google Glass….

  3. I can’t think of anything that is important enough that I need it to pop up in front of me.
    My phone is always nearby and I can see or hear any notifications.
    Even then, there is little I need to know right now (except a change in tee times).
    For the money they’ll be asking for this I can buy other things I want more: a better phone, a smarter TV.

    1. Hands free, always available photography is pretty damn cool.

    2. When you’re stuck in the bunker on the 10th, the yardage to the flag will show up on the display :p

    3. You say that , until they integrate a decent golf app that allows you to determine the distance to the hole, the windage, and the incline just by looking at the green from where you’re standing. Hell, it might even be a good enough app to know your swing (a la accellerometer collected data) and suggest the best club for you.

  4. If it does full images like a Google Navigation heads up display while driving and maybe show your speed and the speed limit etc. and it’s “affordable”, like the price of a tablet, then I might bite.

  5. Why is the douche from The Verge in the photo?

    1. Cause he could afford the $1500 in today’s economy.

    2. Cause the link in this article is to his article.

    3. The article is actually written really well.

    4. Don’t hate, congratulate!

    5. Because “the douche from the Verge” is the one who actually got the story, and Phandroid is just “reporting” what “the douche” reported and is a providing a link to read “the douche’s” article…on The Verge.

      1. I guess I have my panties in a bunch cause I want Glass for myself really bad :D

    6. There’s a reason the verge is now the aspiration of tech news. Why the hate?

  6. whatever the price, it they don’t bring it down enough, you can expect to see people dead in the news because some thug shot them for the glasses. happens all the time. i hear in the news of somebody getting shot or stabbed over a pair of Jordans, designer frames, the jackets, etc. I personally wouldn’t feel very safe pulling out something that cost over a thousand dollars in your average big city. not when it’s so easy to snatch a pair of these off of someone head.

    1. Jordans are the iPhones of shoes. Everyone knows what they are. Even if you don’t buy shoes like that. Jordans also aren’t the only expensive pair of shoes. I don’t think you have much to worry about. A bystander may think it’s some advance lens for magnifying. I don’t think you’re going to get shot for some glasses that have a magnifier on them.

      1. the point was that whatever it is, if it has a large price tag it makes you a target. it won’t take long at all for your average person to know what Google glass is. competitors will try to make their own and Apple will probably try their hands (which will definitely raise awareness)

        1. In NYC and on college campuses around the US, one of the most common theft situations is snatch and run phone theft. So I can see where you are coming from.

        2. So by your account no one should ever buy anything that cost a lot of money cause of chance for theft? Then I should never by there are thousands dollar pens out there no one can tell the difference I doubt the via would know. Jordan’s don’t have ANY public wide spread advertising it’s all the brand and word of mouth I doubt someone likely to steal Jordan’s would know about glass. Most of my friend obsessed with Jordan’s only know about iPhone and even then they don’t really know a 3GS is a lot of money for them. Just so you know there are already pairs of glasses that are thousand dollar plus and if the where waving in front of your face you would know. And if your going into a place where you feel like you can be harmed, simply take them off. Not like you can just take Jordan’s off your feet real quick.

          1. No, by my account, anything that is easily recognized as expensive is more likely susceptible to theft.

          2. Also its not as if you can be discreet with them, they are attached to your damn head. Hopefully there will be some decent security built into them.

          3. Glass is a completely different animal, as it is not only very expensive, but also rare, and easily accessible as it exists in public on your face and can be easily snatched off unsuspecting people without much effort. If you have a thousand dollar pen, 1. most people would not know, and 2., even if they did, you don’t walk around constantly with it in public, loosely dangling from your person, unnattached to any binding source.

      2. When these launch there will be a media blitz…people will know what they are…at least people who’d think about mugging you. Even if they don’t want them for themselves, they’d try to sell them.

    2. Jordans aren’t even that expensive ($150-$200). It is just that some are super limited so stores only get 8-40 pairs. When you have 100 people waiting outside, that becomes a problem quick. The other reason is that stores, malls, and security never handle the crowd and line right. Each person tells the customers something different so it becomes a messy situation with a lot of people pissed off. Also employees are not the most honest and let friends, family, or other employees cut or have shoes held aside, so people who have been waiting for hours feel cheated.

    3. That’s my only real concern…theft. So I would limit where I would use them.

  7. Beside the fact that i dont wear glases to begin with i cant imagine for the life of me what the hell i would ever do with this thing. Oh well… Gimme two…

  8. I can’t wait to see if apple will try and side step google on this with a half baked product because they need to feel like they are on top. I know the folks in Cupertino are super envious of google after the verge article, I was foaming at the mouth reading, so I know they are hard at working trying to see if they can top it. Maybe their watch is why they think is a more practical product and they will try to down play glass. I have used he Sony smart watch for a year now and I love it and it could get better! 2013-14 is going to be sick!

  9. I don’t know which is creepier…. the glasses on that guy or the chest hair.

  10. LOL that dude is just screaming…. “ladies I realize I will NEVER get laid”

  11. What really grinds my gears, is that STILL no one has shown us the dang POV of the HUD. This is the only thing I am interested in, and yet everyone keeps avoiding posting a photo of what the dang POV looks like! FUDGE!

    1. There’s a video of it in the above referenced article on The Verge.

      1. There’s no POV video.

        1. In the video, they show his POV when he says “record video,” and it also show a photo he takes.

          1. Let me clarify POV. I mean person-point-of-view, not camera-point-of-view. I watched the video again, it was the camera POV. I don’t care about the camera POV, i want to see what he sees with his eyes. The Heads up display.

          2. um yea thats going to be impossible. thats like trying to put a camera through 3D glasses

          3. You could wear one set of glass on top of another one, then the first one could take video of the HUD from the second.

            A joke. It’s a joke. Ha ha. O.o

  12. I was hoping to post a youtube clip but i couldn’t find it. for some reason when i read this today it made me think of the episode of Star Trek TNG where everyone got addicted to the little “glasses” that had a game in them which ended up being mind control devices.

  13. As cool as the technology is, these would definitely be the civilian version of the military’s BCG’s or birth control glasses. Hopefully the future generations of this will look more like a normal pair of specs.

  14. Google — We will soon have a army of Ad Droids walking the streets, MUAHAHA!

    One of my favorite ads is the guy telling the other guy about his burger deal in a slightly muted tone “$2.99”, HEY GOOGLE $299!

  15. I will be a first time user if the price is right and Google offers some incentive.

    I’m so deep in the Google ecosystem that I can’t say no. Chrome book, Nexus 4, Google TV, etc. They baited and trapped me.

  16. You know this could actually change the POV genre of porn forever.

  17. This is the new sneaky way of turning us all into Cybermen. Bluetooth in the ear looked too geeky. No one does that anymore. Now we’ll be assimilated via our eyes.

    In other news, I really want these. I’m happy to be assimilated. I’ve already started saving.

  18. Google is know for two things… Free or Cheap … Pixel and Glass will tank…just like the Q-Ball…

  19. Google glass will never be fully accepted by people. I think it will be a niche item for one reason,the camera. When most people in public get wind of the fact you can record or take pictures of them without their knowledge,they will avoid you. Also,store owners will probably require you remove them as to not make the other patrons uncomfortable. Many places do not allow use of photographic/video equipment already. Though we can take cameras most places,it’s usually an obvious act to actually use them.Who knows,maybe even the government will step in dictating where they can or can’t be worn.

    Don’t get me wrong,they sound amazing! Also,I think that Google will quickly make them affordable for the average person.There will be many personal uses for them I’m sure. Hopefully though Google won’t see them as being eventually ubiquitous and make too many. This is because I can’t see them becoming something people wear and forget throughout a typical day. You’ll have to remove your glasses to be courteous as you approach others which would be a bother. Unless someone comes out with a totally invisible/undetectable variety which,to come to think of it,is probably highly likely.

  20. For some reason .. I really dislike Josh Topolsky. I can’t really put my finger on it .. I just don’t like him.

  21. I just don’t know what I would do with it right now. Seems like a novelty. Unless it’s a full smartphone by itself I can’t see justifying buying this as expensive accessory. I’m not to lazy to pull my phone out of my pocketand if I wanted pov video I’ll use my Contour.
    Don’t get me wrong I think It’s awesome I just don’t know what I’d do with it that I can’t already.

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