Feb 18th, 2013

A couple of more Verizon devices have been lined up for software upgrades at some point soon. The HTC Rezound and the HTC DROID Incredible 2 both have new changelogs for an upgrade that will add “HTC Device Enhancements,” though the documents on Verizon’s site don’t go into detail about what these enhancements entail.

The DROID Incredible 2’s upgrade will be a mid-sized file coming in at about 4.5MB, and you can expect build number 6.04.605.07. The Rezound, on the other hand, is about 7MB, and its build number will be 3.14.605.13 once it makes its way to your device. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell when Verizon’s looking to issue the upgrades over-the-air, but history tells us we shouldn’t be waiting more than a week or two before folks start seeing that notification pop up like clockwork.

[Verizon 1, 2 via Droid-Life]

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