Check out Tegra 4 enhanced Dead on Arrival 2 running natively on NVIDIA Project SHIELD [VIDEO]


The original Dead on Arrival was a well received run-and-gun when it launched for Android devices back in November of 2011. For its sequel, Dead on Arrival 2, developer N3V Games has been hard at work adding more guns, more enemies, and bigger, more gruesome visuals. To help in the graphical department, Dead on Arrival 2 will leverage the power of NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 processor to add Tegra-specific enhancements like dynamic shadows, real-time object physics, and other cutting edge graphical effects, normally reserved for consoles.

We’ve shown you a few Project SHIELD videos these past few weeks and it’s refreshing to see a title running natively on NVIDIA’s upcoming handheld. Check out the hands-on video for Dead on Arrival 2, coming soon to an Android device near you.

[via NVIDIA Blog | Google Play: Dead on Arrival]

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  1. So, if I understand correctly, Nvidia helps developers to enhance and optomize their games so that they will be able to run well on their processor. I wish their was a global standard for how the processors were made, so that games could easily take in the resources that they need, without developers having to do extra work if they want their game to run extra well on certain devices. I think that may be how Apple developers can optimize their games so well.

    Of course, I could be very wrong about all of this. I don’t fully understand it all.

    1. Keep in mind that Apple devs don’t have to develop for a large variety of devices.

  2. this thing is coming in 8 months lol if there is no more delays which usually does happen in the past

    1. According to NVIDIA CEO, before July (5 months give or take).

      1. I hope so, but when he gives a launch date always add 1 quarter minimum

        1. say what? I mean…i get where u are coming from…but nvidia is a high profile company…i think they can keep their word. Just like apple keeps their dates or google or microsoft. They are no weak kickstarter company.

          1. We will see, sometimes it does not depend on them. In the past they clearly blamed tsmc.

  3. ”you earn money to buy different traps” that’s a ”deal breaker” and I guess the scenario won’t be as in a console game.It looks like psp graphics as god of war.Ι’ve heard developers say ”we don’t need to optimize the game we just use the horsepower on the new SoC” so now what?We will need 5000 mah in expensive devives to have what we already had with a cheap psp and it’s dozens of titles?

  4. Looks nice, but I’d rather spend the money on a actual console

  5. Project Shield = Dead on Arrival

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