Google posts results from Glass Foundry hackathon event, some lucky developers received Glass free of charge


There was a lot of questions surrounding Google’s myserious “hackathon” event for an exclusive group of developers looking to hit the ground running with developing on Google Glass. Dubbed the Glass Foundry, the event took place a few weeks ago in San Francisco and New York and because of a super scary NDA Google issued to devs, we had little knowledge of what was going on during the brief 2-day event.

Today, Google Developers took to their Google+ page, to divulge a little more info on the results from the hackathon, announcing that developers managed to come up with 80 new ways to use Glass (you know, aside from taking really X-TREME photos). Devs who took part in the event saw their glass plaque’s level-up from “Explorers” to “Pioneers,” and 8 teams of devs were even able to take home Google Glass Explorer Edition, with Google picking up the $1,500 tab.

Google mentions there could be more Glass Foundries in the future, but for developers looking to learn more about developing on Glass will have a chance on March 11th, during SXSW in Austin Texas. Hit the link for more details and photos from the event.

[via Google+ Google Developers]

Chris Chavez
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  1. I know it’s nerdy, but I want Glass SO bad >.<

    1. You’re not the only Chris who feels that way!

    2. I want to know what they do other than take pictures 0.0

      1. POV porn mostly.

    3. If it is nerdy, then I must be nerdy too…I want it so bad too!

      I don’t even know why since most if not all the things I could do with it, I can do just fine on my phone…but gosh darnit, I WANT IT!!

    4. I just don’t get why they don’t make these into full glasses. Pair up with Oakley and make them look cool. Plus i think you could get way more functionality out of a full lens, rather than just a small screen in the corner of your eye.

      1. If they did that, it is likely that they would be alienating a great deal of their market (Nerds) who have to wear prescription glasses. Such as myself. If they didn’t have the small screen that attaches to glasses as well as being worn without glasses, then those people that wear glasses would not be able to purchase the Glass. (And, yes, people can get contacts, but not all people can wear contacts, or even afford them if they have odd eyes.)


        1. you can get oakley perscription glasses….and if you dont have money for a $150 oakley frame, then you sure as hell cant pay the $1500 for the glass tech…

          1. (Was that a reply to Christopher?)
            I already have prescription glasses, I don’t want to buy new ones.
            And $1500 is the price of the explorer edition, we don’t know yet how much the final version will cost.
            It’ll probably be more than $150 though.

    5. didn’t Phandroid sign up for 3 units? Will you be one of the guys wearing it when it arrives?

  2. Well, that kind of takes away from the theory of Glass for free for us. :(

    1. I don’t know, man. I think these guys were just the FIRST ones to get it free. It’s not like they were accepting payment at the Foundry so it was like an early access kinda thing for those 12 or so people. I think when it comes to issuing them out at Google I/O or later, they’ll just give ’em away, not really charge anyone $1,500.

      1. I’ll stick with that. Wishful thinking. :p

        EDIT: It’s awesome PR and it gets them more attention when people continue to speculate about pricing, so I won’t rule it out quite yet.

    2. prototypes are always LARGELY more expensive as well.. so a cost of 1500 means 150 in production mode, they should be easily given away at I/O once they are ready to be mass produced

  3. I can’t wait to move to Austin next year! I hope Google takes to Austin as its next Google fiber city as well

  4. s/lucky/hardworking and highly skilled/


  6. They didn’t take home the glass for free… They won’t have to pay when the time comes. Learn to read

  7. The most annoying aspect of the Glass launch is the fact that it is destroying the early adopter advantage for those of us who were not blessed to get into Google’s super-secret conferences but still want to develop for the platform.

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