HTC One coming to Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T on March 22nd?


One of the first of what will likely be many release date rumors for the upcoming HTC One (M7) has surfaced courtesy of information gleaned by HTC Source. According to their report, the One will share a simultaneous launch on Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T on March 22nd.

The phone will come in two color options — black and white/silver — and will be available in both 32GB and 64GB versions. The former will see a standard $199 on contract price point while the latter will sell for $299.

DroidLife speculates that Verizon might not see the HTC One based on buzz they are picking up. The carrier could possibly receive a Droid-labeled variant, but there are no indications of such a phone at this time.

[via HTC Source]

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  1. the badge says 19.2.13…. is that the european launch or something?

    1. That’s the announcement event date.

    2. The press conference is in London and NY.

  2. Does this mark the end of the evo for Sprint?

    1. I hope (for HTC’s sake) that they will… To have a smartphone with the same name in multiple carriers would be easier for HTC and the carriers to market and sell the device.
      But I will definitely miss the Evo line… They are always better than the original HTC device, like the recent Evo 4G LTE, that has a sd-card slot and a kickstand over the HTC One X.

    2. Sprint will probably change the name to something ridiculous like: Sprint EVO One 4G LTE Blaze…. or something like that

      1. The EVOne? O.o

      2. you forgot to add xTreme and ULTRA.

      3. Hey, they can name it what they want if it has the improvements that the EVO 4G LTE had over the One X…

  3. Haha, Verizon is such a douche-bag company.. Smh. Nexus 4<3

    1. Meanwhile Apple is releases an iPhone 5 on VZW so their customers can be happy with any carrier. Google should be doing the same with the Nexus.

  4. Multi-carrier launch? Good on you, HTC! Although, as a VZW customer, the potential to not have access to this phone is disturbing. Could be time to start setting my sights on the next rumor phone: Motorola X.

    1. I din’t see you complaining when Verizon got the DNA!

      1. DNA didn’t impress me much… had high hopes for the One.

      2. The things that would make me want the One more:

        4.7″ screen versus 5″
        32GB starting instead of 16GB
        (Hopefully) bigger battery
        White option

        So I would totally get the One, if Verizon has it. I don’t plan on getting the DNA because 16GB isn’t enough for me, and the battery is a little small (I’ve had extended batteries on my past two phones).

  5. Just keep adding fuel to the fire, Verizon.. counting down the months till I can tell you where to shove it!

    1. Just for fun, where should Verizon shove it?
      I believe a poll is warranted, which then is forwarded to Verizon in the form of a burning bag of canine excrement left on their head office front doorstep.

    2. you can only get but so mad, verizon gets no many exclusives its not even funny. Only carrier to get Droid DNA and Razr series, Incredible (for those who like that size) and even got the Galaxy Nexus. Their selection is pretty tight.

      1. I would *LOVE* an Incredible on T-Mo…

    3. Verizon is easily the worst cellular carrier. Unfortunately they are the only one that has good signal at my desk at work (in NYC of all places). AT&T, for example, has no signal at all there. My office is deep inside the 16th floor of a building.

      I would love to leave VZW, go back to AT&T, and get a Nexus 4. The Verizon Android phones are simply terrible, i’d recommend an iPhone 5 to the average person compared to any of them right now.

  6. Not surprised VZW may be passing on this. They just got the Droid DNA, which is pretty much the same phone.

  7. An extra $100 for an extra 32GB of storage? No thanks. That’s about 4 times overpriced compared to a micro SDXC card you could add yourself if supported.

    Sticking with Samsung (for as long as they include an sd slot)

    1. If they’re offering varied storage sizes I would guess they’re going to nix the MicroSD slot. I really hope that’s not the case but it seems to be the trend nowadays…

      1. that is one of the reason Samsung is beating them to the punch, the sad part is that htc and others don’t realize that, thank you Samsung.

        1. i know people think sd card isnt important but i know alot of people whi use sd cards and is one of the main things they look for in a phone.

  8. luxtechblog.blogspot.com

  9. Is this the HTC butterfly?

  10. So Sprint not going to turn it into a Evo

  11. what will full retail be….any idea? btw, i thought tmobile wasnt doing contract subsidies any longer

    1. They don’t do subsidies, they do financing. $10-20/month for 20 months at 0%. Generally works out to be the same price, but if you pay cash, buy elsewhere, or use your phone for more than 20 months before upgrading (not around here, but…), you save the difference.

  12. I want to see what HTC has in store with this phone, but manufactures listen, stop over charging your customers for memory. The 32 GB is $199 and at most the 64 should be $249.

    1. agreed. $100 for an extra 32GB is ridiculous (if true). $50 for an extra 32GB of storage is still to much in my book but more palatable. i really hope HTC has a winner here (read: significantly improved battery life, better call quality). i could be tempted to go back to HTC, but it will take a bad-a$$ device to lure me away from my GNote 2. best of luck to HTC.

      1. I agree. $50 more would be better.

  13. NO F WAY!!!!!!

  14. This doesn’t fit Tmobile’s new phone pricing model… I’m skeptical

    1. It would be $199/$299 down payment, then $300-400 financed over 20 months. Fits just fine.

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