Falcon Pro update brings DashClock Widget support


DashClock Widget, a beautiful new lock-screen and home-screen widget that’ll display your most important information, just came out, and its open-source goodness has already been taken advantage of by at least one third-party application. Marc Selwan published a hands-on look of DashClock Widget a couple of days ago, so be sure to find more info about that here.

Well, Falcon Pro is the first app to tap into the power of the widget as it’s gotten a swift update in the Google Play Store. With DashClock Widget and the latest version of Falcon Pro, the widget will display the amount of tweets, mentions and direct messages you have at a glance. It’s nothing that you can’t get from simply opening Falcon Pro or looking at the periodic notifications you’ll get, but some users will find value in having this information right in their faces on the lock-screen and home-screen.

As with any Falcon Pro upgrade, there’s more to look forward to. You can now copy tweets if you so desire, and a few pesky bugs have been fixed. Specifically, you shouldn’t have many more issues with older tweets not loading, the issue with the app force closing when looking at a direct message list has been fixed, and things have been tightened up to make list positioning more reliable, accurate and consistent. If Twitter hasn’t already scared you away from third-party clients with its new API limitations and you don’t mind paying $.99 be sure to give Falcon Pro a download here. As for DashClock Widget, head here if you’re on Android 4.2 or higher.

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