Verizon’s My InfoZone widget to give you device tips and info [VIDEO]


Verizon looks to be introducing a new widget to make it easier for folks to access device information, support documents, and get tips and tricks for their smartphones. The widget will give you a quick look at your battery percentage and show you what is contributing to drainage, it’ll show you how much storage space you have left, and it also has buttons that will take you straight to your account info in MyVerizon and a link to support pages made specifically for your phone.

There will also be an info button that will light up red whenever new tips and tricks are available. Verizon says it will be delivering 3 tips per week, and you can cycle through them simply by tapping the widget. It isn’t the most exciting and innovative widget in the world, but it looks clean and it should make life easier for new smartphone owners who might not know how to access these things otherwise.

The My InfoZone widget will be compatible with Android 2.2 and higher and will be available for download on both phones and tablets. If this is something you’re interested in having on your Verizon Wireless device you’ll be able to get it onto your device at some point next week. Watch the quick demo video above to see it in action.

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  1. Does this mean Verizon supports Android?

    Since Android phones on Verizon come with locked bootloaders and almost never get updates, the answer is no.

  2. I can just see the helpful tips now… “Download VZ Navigator to unlock your phones GPS potential!”

  3. I have a tip for their widget… Stay away from Verizon…

  4. Hmmmm..I’m at a loss for words here…

  5. I have a tip as well: Verizon wants you to use this widget to assist you going over your now mandatory data cap. This will assist Verizon in providing more crap to use our data and of course in making more money.

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