Samsung’s “Project J” to consist of more than just Galaxy S4?


We usually get into the juicy bits of Samsung’s latest this time of year, but in case you don’t remember the Korean manufacturer is going to hold off on its announcement a little bit this year. We may not be expecting an announcement at Mobile World Congress but that doesn’t mean we can’t let our teeth sink into some succulent rumors.

The latest comes from SamMobile, who suggests Samsung has resurrected the “Project J” codename. The name used to refer to the Galaxy S4, but it seems Samsung is using it to detail a whole line of new-age devices and accessories. Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is said to be coming to market with some of its smaller brethren, such as a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and a new Samsung Galaxy Active.

I think I speak for everyone when I say we would appreciate a real Galaxy S4 Mini. We were disappointed to see that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini wasn’t quite a Samsung a Galaxy S3 under the hood. It was smaller, but it was also considerably weaker. Let’s hope the power inside the Mini can actually match-up to the full blown flagship this time around. As for those accessories, here’s a list of what Project J is supposed to consist of:

Project J Altius (Galaxy S4):
– Clear Cover
– Flip Cover
– Protective Cover
– Pouch
– Extra Battery Kit
– Battery 2600 mah
– Wireless Charging Kit
– HDTV Adapter
– Headset

Project J Mini Serrano (Galaxy S4 Mini):
– Clear Cover
– Flip Cover
– Protective Cover

Project J Active Fortius (Galaxy Active):
– Arm Band
– Bike Mount
– Pouch

The wireless charging kit for that Galaxy S4 would be might nice. Unfortunately, it’s possible that wireless charging functionality won’t be built in as users could be asked to buy the backplate and charging pad separately. That’s not a huge problem if both of those items are expected to be stuffed into the same package. That said, rumors are rumors and it’s not worth getting too excited for these devices so far ahead of launch (especially when we still don’t have a solid idea of what the specs will be like).

[via PocketNow]

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  1. I swear to god Samsung, if you change the functionality of the MHL adapter vs. the one for the GS3 for no reason…

    1. then what? More QQ? Go trolling in /Trade on WOW in a nerdrage? WHAT MAN WHAT!?!?!

      1. Please die.

    2. I’d be nice to keep the standard for a while, not another new cable, and support the Wi-Fi standard (miracast?) that’s on the Nexus 4.

    3. indeed. and i hope some companies start making MHL cables with USB Host ability…

  2. 2600 mah??? :'(

  3. anything with a pouch I’m buying. Can’t say pouch without smiling.

  4. If the Galaxy S4 is going to a 5″ 1080p screen, personally I think they should have stuck with 4.7″, it was about the max i’ll ever go, and ~300ppi is all I can see anyway… I’d really like to a see a 4.3″ 720p version that’s just as feature packed similar in size to the RAZR M. 4.3-4.7″ is the perfect screen size if you don’t sit around watching movies and playing games all day.

    1. nice idea… a line of devices whose only real difference is screen size… and at this time, maybe resolution with the smaller panel? that’d be great.

    2. Get rid of the bezel and the 5.0 inch screen won’t be an issue.

  5. S4 should be 5 inches with quad processor dual band

  6. I don’t think the mini would be a spec monster like it’s brother(sister?). They are making huge sales just on the name of the device. Why would they spend money on putting expensive parts in it. Only techies who like smaller phones would care and Samsung knows that.

  7. How about all day battery with real usage. People who claim they get all day bettery are either lying, dont use it much, are super geeks with custom ROMs and multiple services turned off. I am talking all day battery for the normal person who plans to keep stock rom and use it more than just a few phone calls and FB updates. The Razor Max might be doing this, I tend to stay away from Moto so I am not certain.

    1. Galaxy N o t e II

    2. want all day battery life? spend the day in an area that gets really good cellular coverage.

      On days where I am at work and get a very strong LTE signal, it isn’t unusual to drive home in the evening with 70% left. If I’m back in the lab all day, where the signal is weak, iI can be in the mid 30s by quiting time, even though I’m using it less on those days.


      1. A modern phone like the Galaxy S4 gets about 4-6 hours of screen time on average. The point is to be able to actually use the phone for more than a few hours.

    3. Sorry dude I had a Galaxy Nexus that i used averagely, and that thing lasted me all day, I take pictures a lot and use google+ quite often that thing lasted all day with screen brightness up all the way.

    4. You’re probably the type of person who has the brightness at 50% or higher, has lots of apps running that run in the background and sync (like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc) and/or plays games or streams audio/video for long periods. I’m trying to insult you or anything, because I’m that type of person some days, but it’s completely unrealistic to think that a smartphone can last all day (depending on your definition) doing that kind of stuff with the current technology and either not tweaking the system or your usage somewhat.

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