Foursquare update makes it easier to find people and places around you


Foursquare’s trying to make its service just as much about discovering nearby places as it is about check-ins, and the company has updated its Android app to reflect just that. Today’s update moves the Explore button to the top of the home-screen to give you curious and adventurous types an easier way to find new places to go. A “Best Nearby” button will give you a short list of Foursquare’s top spots in the area, whether it be for restaurants, entertainment, sports and more.

You can also take a look at nearby places and friends on the map view, so those of you who need an easier way to stalk your friends will fall right in love here. The left drawer will allow you to access your to-do list and “other essentials,” the check-in button has been moved to the bottom left, and more.

Foursquare says we’re in for a treat down the line, as well, as it’s already working on an even more personalized map view. As usual, this 11MB update can be had in the Google Play Store. Head there now to get a first-hand look at all of today’s changes for yourself.

[via FourSquare]

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  1. I personally like this update, things seem to flow better and easier to do recurring check-ins

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