Feb 11th, 2013

Valentine’s Day is coming up and folks are likely looking for some useful and unique apps to help find their true love. When this particular app — the Love Detector — hit my inbox, I thought it was going to be little more than a very cheesy way to hit on any random girl or guy you want. Well, after actually using it I’m afraid to tell you that is still the case.

That said, I would be a fool to keep this very… strange promotional video to myself. It’s bad enough that the guy in the video’s love detection tool is going full blast when pointed toward my screen, but the fact that he is doing it all in a rather ugly and vomit-inducing cupid costume absolutely frightens the breakfast currently sitting my stomach.

All of that aside, we’re not sure how much of a market there is for a 99 cent app whose sole function is to beep randomly and show a cool retro-looking VU meter as you tilt and turn your phone in random directions. It could be a great conversation starter and a unique pickup line for those who will be alone and at a bar on Valentine’s day, so give it a shot if you need something to make the lonely ladies and men of the world laugh this upcoming Thursday.

[Google Play Store]

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