T-Mobile MVNO prepaid carriers getting ready to offer 4G LTE data


Trying to find the right prepaid carrier is no easy task, but those that want to be with a T-Mobile MVNO might find it easy to make a decision soon. Two T-Mobile MVNO carriers are getting ready to offer 4G LTE speeds as soon as T-Mobile flips the switch on, further firing up the battle between carriers and MVNOs. Said prepaid carriers are Solavei and Ready SIM.

An MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) is a carrier that offers cellphone services without owning the network. In other words, they piggyback on one of the carriers which do own towers across the country. Though very few of these offer 4G LTE, we are starting to see a breakthrough of affordable/prepaid MVNOs offering these latest-generation data speeds.

Both Solavei and Ready SIM have confirmed that they expect to offer 4G LTE next to T-Mobile. Another MVNO, Ultra Mobile, didn’t comment but mentioned they are “always aiming to do what’s best for their customers and will definitely consider LTE when it’s possible.” This was a much safer approach, as T-Mobile is raising its eyebrow at the other MVNOs’ comments.

“T-Mobile has not made any commitments to MVNO partners regarding timing of when they may have access to T-Mobile’s LTE network, and not all partners may receive access.” – T-Mobile

Way to be a party pooper, T-Mobile! Magenta could be launching its 4G LTE network as soon as next month, so let’s hope all our fellow prepaid MVNO subscribers get some LTE love. Are you planning to use T-Mobile’s 4G LTE with one of these MVNOs?

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  1. I plan on using it with my nexus 4

  2. So is T-Mobile monthly 4G going to allow LTE, or is it unknown at the moment?

    1. I’m pretty sure they will. They allowed unlimited data on monthly 4G so I don’t see why not.

  3. Both boost mobile and virgin mobile is soon to get Sprint 4G LTE

  4. T-Mobile will own the prepaid market.

  5. Does anyone know if this will be regular LTE or if it’s LTE Advanced? I keep hearing both.

    1. It’s release 10, which includes all of the features for LTE-advanced, Their first deployments will be closer to normal LTE though, as they won’t be using most of the advanced features yet. You’ll see normal LTE speeds for the most part.

  6. Stupid question alert: when you’re NOT using LTE, are you still getting HSPA+42 speeds?

    1. Assuming your area is covered with both T-Mobile LTE And HSPA+42, then yes. But this may not always be the case.

  7. Tmo offers is own monthly 4G prepaid along with GoSmart. They need some differentiation when their process are higher

    1. T-mobile’s differentiation is support and real life retail stores. That’s what the higher prices support. most mvno’s don’t have retail stores, and their phone support quality varies. Myself I’ve found Solavei support to be much better than Straight Talk or Simple mobile. Retail store support is almost always results in higher support satisfaction scores than phone support, just by their nature.

  8. I think it’s great they are letting mvno’s get access to LTE quickly. Won’t affect me very soon though, It won’t be deployed around me anytime soon most likely, based on the fact that it took Verizon a year and a half to get to Central NJ and AT&T doesn’t even have LTE here yet.
    If you can do better T-mobile and get to me quicker I’ll be very impressed, though with T-mobile HSPA+ speeds hovering around 8 – 14mbps here, it’s honestly not that important.

  9. Id like to see what tmobiles prepaid service is like. But being stuck where im at in the middle of the country, im stuck with virgin mobile and sprint. Either way. Best of luck to tmobiles ventures!

  10. Ill stick to HSPA+. I average 14-20mbps down and 3mbps up, that is fast for me..its stable, doesnt drain much battery…ill go lte when mycontract ends december 2014, by then, tmobile LTE should be settled in. Also i may go to a tmobile MVNO, and save some dough! MAGENTA FTW!

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