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Google TV is getting much more recognition lately. Manufacturers like Vizio, Hisense and ASUS are bringing more affordable devices to market and Google is finally stepping up and bringing us more constant updates and features. Google TV may still have its faults, but we strongly believe it will continue to improve and rise to the top of the smart TV pyramid.

Starting today, we are bringing you a weekly feature of the biggest Google TV stories. No more looking all over the internet just to get bits and pieces of your Google TV news. You will be able to get it all in one place. Let’s jump right in!

Vizio Co-Star GTV version 3 update starts rolling out

The LG Google TV may have been the first to get a taste of GTV 3, but Vizio Co-Star owners will be happy to know the $99 device has already started getting the update! It is rolling out very slowly so not all users will have the update available yet (I don’t).

Just stay put and keep checking from time to time (Settings > System Settings > System Update) – you will get it soon enough. We know it’s hard to wait, but it is worth it. The update includes the new Prime Time Quick Guide, Voice Search and more!

For more details: Vizio Co-Star GTV 3 update now rolling out

Logitech Revue not playing nice with Play Store

Logitech Revue users haven’t had the greatest Google TV experience. The product is not the best around and has been discontinued for a while, but not being able to access the Play Store is still hard to swallow. Reports of such issues have been flooding the net since last week.

People are slowly getting their fix updates, but if yours hasn’t shown up we have some good tricks you can use. Click through to read more!

For more details: Logitech Revue having issues with Google Play Store

App reviews

All work and no play? Don’t even worry, we have some great Google TV app reviews for you this week. These are both fun and productive, so check them out and improve your Google TV experience!

  • Able Remote Review – This is our favorite remote replacement for Google TV. Able Remote unlocks the true capabilities of your Android smartphone and turns it into the most powerful and flexible remote you can find for your Google TV. Also, check out this tutorial on how to fix Able Remote’s issues with the Co-Star.
  • Redux for Google TV Review – This is hands down our favorite streaming service for Google TV. It won’t feature all your favorite movies and TV shows, but it offers much more than just that. Made for casual viewers, this app contains a curated selection of the best internet videos from all categories. Whether you want to sink yourself in a documentary or salivate over tech videos, you can get your fix from Redux.
  • Open Launcher for Google TV Review – Don’t like your Google TV user interface? You are not alone. Sometimes we just don’t know what these manufacturers are thinking when they make these UIs. If you are looking for a clean, simple and customizable UI, Open Launcher is your best bet.
  • Red Karaoke Review – The days when you had to purchase expensive karaoke machines are long gone. Now you can enjoy a vast portfolio of karaoke songs straight from your Google TV. We love Red Karaoke, so definitely check this one out.

Wrap up

What a Google TV overload! It is nice to finally see the platform getting more action, though. If you have a Google TV or are interested in getting one (or you just want to stay up-to-date), you can follow Phandroid’s “This Week In Google TV” weekly articles every Saturday. Or you can visit GTVSource.com (our sister site) every day. Either way, stay tuned because we will continue bringing you more great Google TV content!

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