Samsung Galaxy S4 to use touchless gesture system?


Aside from the latest cutting edge specs, Samsung typically uses their flagship Galaxy S line to showcase a few less conventional technologies. Last year we saw the Galaxy S3 feature a few natural motion gestures that allowed users to interact with their phone in an intuitive way. For example, motioning as though answering a call by placing the phone to one’s ear would complete the task without ever touching the display. A new report says Samsung will expand touchless gestures in the Galaxy S4.

According to Korea’s DDaily, Samsung will be deploy an Atmel chip capable of processing gestures within the range of the screen without the need to actually make contact. Think of it as an advanced version of Sony’s “floating touch” system.

Samsung will likely attempt to recreate many of the same features of the Galaxy Note 2’s Air View functionality, but the new sensor would eliminate the need for a stylus to make it happen. We can also imagine gestures such as “flicking” above the screen to scroll through pages or home screens. A patent filing uncovered last year could hint at more.

If the system catches on, expect to see it in future Samsung handsets moving forward. The Galaxy S4, though, could act as the launchpad for a system that could redefine interactions with our smartphones. Or it could fall flat with users, a curious one-off taking advantage of the Galaxy S series’ popularity.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. At least their not afraid to venture into new territories with their out of the box thinking.

    1. Innovation for Samsung is innovation for Android… Google seems content with taking manufacterer’s add-ons and incorporate them into stock Android.

      1. Yea, these Manufacturers are Android’s greatest strength, a collection of unique idea’s going towards the advancement of one ecosystem, not to mention most the manufacturers supporting Android produce the daily home appliances we use in our home leading to greater integration. For example Sony’s new home media system allowing communication between Android devices and televisions,home theater systems, speakers,headphones etc…Sony is just one example of many.

  2. But it would already be in my hand…

    1. and the glass would be smudge free. And your other hand wouldn’t necessarily need to be free. amazing how people can’t breathe and think at the same time.

  3. I would absolutely DIE with joy if I could operate my phone without leaving smudges and smears and crap all over the screen.

    1. I’m right there with you..imagine not having to reach corners of the screen with one hand, thus making one handed use on any screen size possible.

    2. I already can with my s-pen. People laugh at the idea of a stylus these days, but it’s quite nice to have.

      1. I doubt doubt it’s nice… I just don’t want to hassle with it every time I pull my phone out. Plus they get lost or misplaced and I’m sure they’re not cheap to replace.

        1. Well to be fair you would be hard pressed to lose an S-Pen. Theres a slot inside the phone for it to go.

          1. All of my palm pilots hp pda’s and old school windows phones had slots for their stylus too. Lost them all the time anyway.

          2. The note wont let you leave without it. There are built in features which warns you if you stray too far from your s pen.

          3. Exactly as DYNK said, the Note 2 warns you when the S-Pen goes out of a given range.

          4. I’ve dropped my phone many times. Got an ottor box defender case on it. Not once got a scratch on the device and not once has the pen ever attempted to try and jump out. Samsung did a great job with the slot design of the s-pen. It holds it very well.

      2. That was supposed to say don’t doubt.

    3. Wouldn’t be of much joy to you once you’re dead though, so maybe you ought to bring your excitement down a notch?

      1. says the tosser.

    4. Try the app “Prox Pro” in the play store. its similar to this and its been around for quite awhile. its really cool.

  4. gimmick

    1. Yeah I agree… I doubt I’ll see people actually using this feature often. If they do, they might look/feel like a idiot waving your hand in front of your phone… lol

      1. lolololololololo no different than people swipping their grimy paws on their phones now. Oh yeah I forgot… lololololderplololol

      2. IDC. I use the put to face feature on my Epic 4G Touch all the time. I welcome these gestures with open arms.

      3. I use all the gestures on my Note 2.. I love them all..

    2. This would be great in the car, especially when mounted to the dash

  5. I use a desk dock all day at work, I could see this being semi-useful if done right. Hard to say though, how this will actually work in real life.

    1. price won’t go up for this. If you don’t use it, then no loss to you. Amazed at how negative people on this thread can be (not directed at you). It’s not like samsung is giving you the option to take a puppy or they kill the puppy. If you don’t feel you will need to use these features then so be it. Guaranteed they will market this feature and people will use it. As much as a joke Siri is, people still do use it. Fact.

  6. This is nothing new. Some devs were testing on a nexus s couple of years ago.

    1. it is new if it actually works

  7. I would just settle for being able to work my phone with regular leather gloves on, and not needing to use a pair of the fabric ones with the conductive stitching.

  8. Could be a cool way to reduce smudges on smart phone. I think it’s success depends on accuracy.

  9. WebOS anyone? Remember the gestures? I loved that.

  10. Because I’m to lazy to reach a few millimeters more to touch the screen.

  11. Prox Pro in the play store does this sort of.

  12. I’m curious to see where this goes sound exciting

  13. The pointer function could be potentially useful if flash support weren’t dropped.. the”rollover”effect problem (on screen controls for imbedded flash menus” could be solved by this

  14. Take notes Crapple.

  15. Nothing like signing to your phone.

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