Plume update brings refreshed widget, smoother scrolling and more


With all this talk about the likes of Falcon and Carbon it’s easy to forget that there are still other fine Twitter clients out there. Plume was one of the first to bring its experience into the age of Holo, and now it’s gotten a rather large upgrade in the Google Play Store. One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is the refreshed widget that brings us a tweaked look and adds support for Facebook.

Beyond that, Plume’s update improves the scrolling performance, an important component of any Android application which uses lists as the primary element for delivering content. You can now view the Twitter profile banner of a user if they set one up, you can send a Tweet anyway if a picture fails to upload, and the app now supports columns for single accounts.

Those are all the new features, but some pretty ugly bugs have been squashed, as well. Issues with the pull-to-refresh function, picture cache and the event logger have all been addressed so things should be much more stable in that regard. Plume can be had in free, ad-supported form, but you can also nuke those pesky ads with a $5 purchase of the Premium version. Head to the respective links in the Google Play Store if you want to check it out.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. My current favorite Twitter app (and I’ve tried ’em all) :D

    1. My favorite is still the default Twitter app. (Even on my Nexus 10.)

      1. Ewwww.. no swipies between timeline/mentions/dm’s, low-res avi’s, and no previews of images in the timeline. To each his own, I guess :p

        1. I agree with Chris. I love the look of Falcon (I even bought the Pro version) but I went back to Plume simply for the swipe between columns and image previews that didn’t take me to a whole new screen.

          1. I’ve used Plume since it first came out as Touituer. I’ve tried almost every other Twitter app available, yet still find myself returning to Plume after a day. They’re also using a screen capture of my profile on the Play Store, so how could I abandon them!? Hahaha!!

  2. Been using falcon pro, but I miss having facebook as an account. giving plume a “re-whirl” as the bug fixes listed were many of the reasons I moved away from it in the first place.

  3. I uninstalled Plume the day Carbon came out because it looked a lot better. Plume had more features but was buggy and ugly in comparison. Gonna give it a go for old times sake lol

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