Metal Slug 2 for Android now available


When SNK Playmore released Metal Slug 1 for Android, we assumed they’d eventually bring Metal Slug 2. That didn’t happen, strangely enough. In fact, the next Metal Slug game they brought to Android was the third edition. It seems Metal Slug 2 was just on timeout, though, as the game is now available for all to download alongside the other two games in the Google Play Store.

Like the other Metal Slug games, the cost of admission here is just $4 and you’ll be getting insane side-scrolling fun as you run-and-gun your way to General Morden. Your job is to foil his evil plans — whatever they are — with every big weapon and trusty ally at your disposal. The usual faces of Marco and Tarma are joined by female recruits Eri and Fio who will provide backup and bonus items.

New weapons, such as the Laser Shot and Flame Bottles, are at your disposal, while new vehicles such as the Slugnoid, a tank, and the Slug Flyer, a fighter plane, will provide you with a more mobile attack. You’ll be able to go through the game’s arcade mode as if you were playing on the classic Neo Geo itself, or jump into mission mode to attack the different levels in whichever order you want.

What surprised us was the real-time co-operative play that can be made possible thanks to a Bluetooth connection between two phones. It’s not quite online play, but local multiplayer for an action game on mobile devices in this day and age is still quite impressive. Have a merry go with it here if you can stand to part ways with four measly dollars.

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  1. I’m all slugged out. I have this on everything

  2. A truly classic series!

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