Feb 7th, 2013

HTC is set to unveil the rumored M7 flagship on February 19th. According to a leak uncovered by FrAndroid, the phone could be available at retail by March 8th. The leak, which appears to be an insider document linked to retailer Phone House, names the date for the M7’s French release, giving a price of 649.99 euro.

Specs paired with the listing match the rumors we have been hearing all along: 4.7-inch full HD display, 13MP camera, and  HTC Sense 5. We also see 4G and NFC connectivity listed, as well as Beats Audio support. Interestingly, this document seems to suggest that the M7 moniker is more than just a codename, but that could very easily change between now and the phone’s launch.

It will only be a couple more weeks now before out curiosities are satisfied. We’re pulling for HTC to come up big with the M7. They could use all the help they can get.

Update: The image raises a lot of questions, and as the below illustration from Hot to Come illustrates, the image of the M7 being used seems to be ripped directly from a previous leak by UnwiredView. This does place a good deal of suspicion on the claims being put forth, but it wouldn’t be the first time a retailer used a leaked image as a placeholder for an upcoming handset. So keep a skeptic’s eye when considering this information. [Thanks, DroidXAce]


[via PocketNow]

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