ASUS teaming with Intel to introduce cheap 7-inch tablet?


ASUS has enjoyed a very effective two-prong approach to the tablet space. It introduced some of the finest high-end tablets that the  Android world has seen thus far with the Transformer series, and it made some pretty important waves in the 7-inch budget category starting with the Nexus 7. It seems ASUS found something it liked there as that was followed up by a budget-priced MeMo, and the latest murmurings are suggesting the Taiwanese company will look to bring something even cheaper than that to market.

ASUS is said to be teaming up with Intel to bring a very cheap 7-inch device to market. The reported specs will include Intel’s Atom Z2420 dual-core chipset, 1GB of RAM, a 3 megapixel primary camera with a 1.3 megapixel webcam, 1280×800 resolution, a 4,720mAh battery and will run Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. If true, ASUS is said to be trying to best its sub-$150 price point it achieved with the latest MeMo Pad. That’s pretty amazing for a tablet with these specs.

It would be another milestone development for Intel whose biggest influence in the realm of mobile Android devices have been the Motorola RAZR i and several cheap smartphones for emerging markets. It would be a natural fit for ASUS if the company’s goal is to get this device as cheap as possible.

This leak doesn’t really have us questioning “if” as much as “when” and “can they really get it something like this on the market that cheaply?” The answer might not come at one of the biggest worldwide mobile conferences later this month, but we have a feeling it won’t be long before we’re hearing more about this ambitious venture. Would you bite for $150 or less?


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  1. I welcome this. There are some people that want to get these devices for their kids, but don’t want to get something overly expensive.

  2. I wanna move to america :(

  3. I’ll buy one! I work at Intel and am looking to update from my rooted Nook Tablet, so this would be perfect!

  4. Absolutely, I would pick one up for my kids.

  5. I smell intel giving chips away to try and spur some excitement for Atom in the mobile space.

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