SanDisk’s storage cards up to 60% off Amazon today [DEALS]


Need some flash memory for cheap? If you missed out on all the crazy deals that were going on during the holiday season for flash memory then you might want to check out SanDisk’s Amazon Deal of the Day event today. The company is offering storage options of all types on the retailer’s site for as much as 60% off today.

Most Android users will be particularly interested in microSD cards and full-sized SD cards, and some might even find the need for a flash drive. CompactFlash units are also available, though I don’t know if any Android devices which use that type of media even exist. Options for the former three come in at 32GB and go up to 64GB, though, so there should be no reason to hold off on buying a card if you’ve been looking for one. Grab one from Amazon here if you’re interested.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Just ordered a 64GB MicroSD for $46! Thanks so much!

  2. Buyer beware, those USB sticks are 2.0, not 3.0. Just thought I’d point it out.

  3. Thanks! Just picked one up for my upcoming surface pro.

  4. Happy with my 32 GB class 10 – but thanks!

  5. Great deal, been waiting for something like this to buy one.Nice catch…might buy another for my wife…

  6. in 3 months, pay half

  7. Too good of a deal to pass up!!! Even though my current smartphone, Droid Charge can’t handle 64GB cards, I bought it in preparation for the Galaxy S4!!

    1. A lot of them say they don’t support them but they still work. Be sure to give it a try.

      1. I had the 64GB XC1….when I did get it to work, it went well. Tried to pass it onto a new phone (same make/model)…it didnt play well and died. Quite frustrating

  8. Not such a great price, around black friday the 32 and 64GB cards went down multiple times at multiple retailers below $20 and $40 respectively. $23 and $46 is not a terrible price, but not a deal worth advertising as news either.

    1. Really? A 66% & 53% discount on a very popular accessory isn’t worth a mention? Especially for those wbo are new to ANDROID & haven’t had the option of expandable memory w/previous phones, this is definitely worth mentioning.

    2. Yeah the $40 for the 64GB was the best price they’ve ever had, so $6 more than that is just not worth reporting.

    3. Not everyone was able to get in on the Black Friday deals, and this deal is only a few bucks more than that one was.

  9. Looks at title. Oh cool. Remembers I have a Nexus 4.

  10. I bought my current 64GB class10 off ebay last summer for almost the same sale price now (just under $1/GB). Prices really haven’t dropped all that much.

    My next buy: a 128GB sdxc card for my future galaxy note 3. Hopefully those’ll be under $100 by the end of the year.

    1. AFAIK they aren’t out yet at all so I doubt they’ll be under $100 this year.

      1. Meant to say under $128, but it’s possible. Sandisk said “next year”, last summer, so, almost there, with time enough for sales.

        1. Glad to hear that. I’ll buy one of those in a second.

  11. Is the Samsung micro sd’s any good?
    They got the 32’s class 10 on eBay shipped for $15.23

    1. When it comes to memory cards i’d shy away from ebay. Majority of the card I got from ebay didn’t perform up to the standards they claimed. Some even didn’t have the capacity it claimed to have. One card claimed was 32 but would corrupt once I went past 18GB.

  12. I think I have missed the $46 for Micro SDXC 64GB.. it is now $60 :(

    1. oops.. i thought today was 2/4 lol

      1. they are available at $45 every month or so, for every holiday.

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