Samurai Vengeance 2 and Shadowgun on sale for a limited time in the Google Play Store


It’s never too late for a celebration (in fact, I barely celebrated my birthday last night, almost 3 weeks after the fact). Seems Madfinger Games feels the same way, and to celebrate the announcement of Dead Trigger 2 — unveiled during Nvidia’s press event for Project SHIELD at CES 2013 — the mobile gaming guru’s are offering a few of their hottest titles at a discount on Google Play.

Both Samurai Vengeance 2 and Shadowgun have been discounted to $1 and $2, respectively (as well as their Tegra optimized variants). Oh, and if you’re into the multiplayer frag-fest of Shadowgun: Deadzone, all in-app purchases have been discounted 33% as well. Looks like the deals are only good until February 3rd, so if you need some time to think it over, you have until Sunday to decide.

[Samurai Vengeance 2THD | ShadowgunTHD]

Chris Chavez
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