Qualcomm tips Key Lime Pie for a springtime release – Right on time for Google I/O


A leaked Qualcomm roadmap sent the blogoshphere in a tissy after it tipped off a potential time frame when we could see the next iteration of Google’s Android: Key Lime Pie. Qualcomm was quick on sending take down notices to anyone posting the images, including Phone Arena and the Android Police where the doc was originally posted. According to the doc, Key Lime Pie was mentioned as “K-release” for spring, placing it somewhere between March and June.

Given Qualcomm was so adamant about removing any images or info pertaining to KLP, this leads us to believe they are, in fact, legit. Also, the fact that Google unveiled Jelly Bean at last year’s Google I/O developer conference fits in perfectly with Qualcomm’s leaked date. Now we just gotta figure out what Google could have planned for Key Lime Pie. Any features currently lacking in Android you’d like to see in KLP? As far as devices go, something tells me we might see a refresh of the ASUS Nexus 7.

[The Verge via CNET | Image]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. mmmmmmm….pie.

  2. Google Now evolve into Project Majel!!

  3. So what’s next then? For -L-

    1. That one’s easy: Licorice.

      1. or lollipop.

        1. Lollipop would be fun too. I think both of those will be in the running :)

          1. or Lemonhead. :D

          2. Can’t do Lemonhead. It’s a type of candy made by the Ferrara Pan Candy Company.

          3. then lemon drop.

          4. if it is lollipop, they could use the 2ne1/big bang song lollipop in the commercials :D

        2. “Oh I got that new Lollipop update”.

      2. Lemon Drop

      3. We need cake, so lemon drizzle cake.

    2. My vote goes to Lollipop, with Licorice running a close second.

      (L names that are out of the running: 1) “Lemondrop” because of the negative connotations of “getting a lemon”, and 2) “Lemon Marange Pie”, because, lemon, and, TOOMUCHPIE already! :))

      1. I hope its lollipop…..It sounds tasty.
        So, Nexus Tablet refresh with Key Lime Pie (nexus 7 HD)
        And my next nexus phone launch later this year :D
        Can’t wait to see what they cooked up with Key Lime pie, seeing as 4.2 was not a major update but packed quite a punch…..so expecting another punch of an update this May :D

      2. …what is getting a lemon? I wouls love the name lemondrop.

        1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemon_(automobile) But it can also be generalized to any product.

          1. Oh I knew this, I thought maybe it was some sort of sexual slang. I dont come to that conclusion from the term lemondrop.

  4. A simple feature that I haven’t seen anyone mention in threads for KLP is. Change the NFC to use wifi-direct for transfer of files instead of Bluetooth. Why? because Bluetooth is goddamn slow. This is getting more an more relevant, as more devices have begun having NFC. This is also one of the way I transfer files(Music/video/pictures) from my phone to my tablet, but it isn’t my main, since Bluetooth is so slow.

    1. EDIT: nevermind, it seems only Samsung’s “SBeam” uses nfc + wifi direct; Android Beam doesn’t yet

      1. yes, which is why I’m hoping it will be implemented on the next version for vanilla android.

      2. I was about to ask why Samsung’s is so fast on their commercials.

      3. Samsung sucks I couldnt beam a picture from Gnex to S3 because file was too large, crap they just wanted everyone to have an S3.

    2. – better office compatibility (though this should be done at the app level)
      – more robust multi-user setup (I don’t use it now, though I would like to…)
      – fixing the annoying pull-down notification slider on the left. I have to pull it down a half-dozen times before it sticks sometimes.
      – improved USB device support (more hard drives, more mice/game pads, etc.)
      – built-in app organizer (like folder organizer / app organizer). I like the Folder Organizer that I have now, but it would be even better if I could touch one shortcut and have the screen populated with my categorized app links.

      Regarding the hardware of the Nexus 7, the power button needs to be palpably distinct from the volume rocker. They both have the exact same texture, and I often find myself touching the power button thinking I am on the top of the volume rocker (the reverse doesn’t seem to happen). I took matters into my own hands and used a fingernail file on a Swiss Army Knife yesterday and cut a groove down the middle of the power button. Already it is much improved.

      1. Dude I want a direct method to Xfer files like that so badly. My N7 kicks ass but what would make it so much more is the ability to literally bump the devices together and be able to fling files to and from the device >_< HATE having to break out a cable and a PC of some sort. Bluetooth has always been a dodgy experience for me for anything at all since day one. hated it way back when and hate it now.

        1. Have you tried Bump? You can transfer files now since the last update.

  5. This isn’t really much of a surprise, since the KLP name was already mentioned by a presenter at Google IO 2012, and major new releases happen either with the Nexus in the fall or at Google IO in the spring, so, yeah… :)

    1. Well, during IO in 2011, Google announced the name for Ice Cream Sandwich and nothing else. At the end of the year they gave all the details and debuted it on the Galaxy Nexus.

      A few months later, they didn’t just release the name for Jelly Bean at I/O 2012 — they actually released the firmware on the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. Sure it wasn’t as big a jump as Ice Cream Sandwich was from Gingerbread, but it just shows that Google hasn’t really developed a pattern quite yet. At this point, anything goes :p

      1. I don’t think they have quite figured out their numbering scheme yet either :p

        1. Android is still new! Everything Google is beta. Bleeding edge, but beta. Ha

          1. If only Navigation wasn’t a beta anymore!

          2. that’s one of the major critiques of the company. Google needs to quit acting like they are on the fence with all of their products by calling them free betas. People start to get apprehensive when Google starts yanking these beta services or not fixing known bugs for years simply because they are labeled as betas. Google does need to grow up in that aspect.

        2. This may sound stupid, but I sort of hate that Honeycomb was 3.0 Because technically Android for phones is only on 3.2. I feel as though Honeycomb should have been like 0.1 or something lol. Because I feel it’s really great how Android has surpassed iOS (in my opinion) while iOS is sitting there on iOS6, and here we are, really only on Android 3.2.

          1. wot

          2. android 4.2*

  6. Can’t wait very excited

  7. I really don’t see how jellybean could be improved. Loving my galaxy note 2

    1. That’s Apple’s mentality, my friend.

  8. Haven’t seen or play with jelly bean yet…HTC One S T-Mobile

  9. Legit ass camera software. Please.

    1. Yeah, I wanna see Google take the camera software seriously now.

      1. It’s really the only major weak link in AOSP builds.

        1. I personally like the look of it, but if they can produce pictures and videos similar to HTC’s camera’s app, then I’ll really enjoy AOSP’s camera!

        2. What’s wrong with Jelly Bean 4.2’s camera software? The quick touch controls, editing options, HDR, and 360 panoramas are sweet!

          1. The camera options are pretty solid, but the photo processing is pretty weak. Part of the reason HTC and Samsung phones take great pictures is because they have processing that is happening in the software. It is this software that Google should really devote some effort to.

          2. Evverryyoonnee knowwss its butterrs…….

          3. Google is using shitty Sensors dude, taking pictures at high ISO’s and adding in heavy noise reduction. HTC and Sammy have better sensors so they dont need high ISO’s or heavy noise reduction.

          4. pictures come out not as good as other phones?

      2. The Nexus 4 camera is amazing.

        1. Err… I’m not so sure we have the same phone, but my Nexus 4’s is pretty mediocre. The only thing that’s mediocre on that phone sadly.

          1. And the display O_o

          2. And the lack of LTE

          3. Sorry coming from a Gnexus the display is far superior, Im not expecting 1080p but Im also not looking forward to it (overkill imo) OLED’s can be deceiving when editing pictures, they looks nice on your phones screen then dull in real lfe.

      3. already post my junk as Droidography since some derps insisted on posting instagram or camera+ photos as “iphoneography”. Android phones are extremely capable. They just need to be plastered more in the news and on sites, like HTC was trying to do with One.

        1. HTC took the camera tech in their One line really seriously, but people always seem to forget that.

      4. I think Google does optimize pretty well, unfortunately Google has to also keep in mind its developing for mid range and low spec phones, this is exactly the reason why Google’s optimizations focuses more on noise reduction. Nexus’s camera takes pictures at a higher ISO’s and then its software reduces so much noise where as HTC, Apple and Nokia’s camera sensors are much better where they can take pictures in lower ISO’s without the need for heavy noise reduction.

    2. What’s an ass camera?

      1. your mom staring at your ass all day telling you to get a job.

    3. actually love to see a Picasa 4 updating it more to Lightroom-ish status. The interface is dated, features are minimal and sharing could be a lot better. Phone cameras saving out RAW, working on it either in your camera or in Picasa 4. Yes we know about G+ but there needs to be a robust media catalog/editor from Google.

      1. Something like a snapseed for PC.

  10. Too bad the Nexus doesn’t support my carrier therefore I’ll never have this.

    1. Verizon ?

        1. true but sprint is a lot more likely to get a Nexus device then Verizon after the Gnex fiasco.

    2. That’s simple, switch carrier

  11. I hate the name key lime pie. People already look at me stupid when I talk about jelly bean.

    1. Just use the version number if it is that much of a problem..

      1. The people Im talking to generally arent very tech savvy, I dont think that would help much either. And while I dislike key lime pie, I dont have any better suggestions.

        1. You have to be “tech savvy” to understand “Android 5.0?”

          1. I may just say version 5. Simplify it as much as possible.

  12. That’s an easy one. Unified messaging: Google Voice (messages over data), Text Messaging, Google Talk (including video) mashed together. Fix the Google Voice MMS issue and allow users to receive SMS short messages. Can’t let BlackBerry and iOS have all the fun Google!

    1. Don’t forget Google Hangouts as well.

    2. Agreed, this is my #1 complaint with Android. That and the responsiveness of the UI is still behind iOS. That and their flagship phone (and the only one with Android 4.2) doesn’t work for over half the US population.

  13. It’d be cool of KLP had the pie function of paranoid android. Also, just beef up project butter. Maybe codename it project Teflon?

  14. Keep up the improvements on project butter, work on the camera software, and increased battery life.

    1. #1 and 2 are covered in Android 4.2.1. #3 is still ready to be improved.

  15. Def increased battery life. That’s my personal number one priority right now.

  16. I’d like my notification and ringtone volume levels to be able to be unlinked again.

  17. I really want better support for android tablets.

  18. $99 Nexus 7 :)

  19. I’m hoping Google will integrate some of the software features from manufacturer skins into KLP, the ability to hide the on screen keys would save a lot of gamers some grief.

  20. KLP, yeah you know me.

    1. YOU DOWN WITH KLP?!?!

  21. We need a unified messaging app.. Why we have messaging (SMS), messenger (Google plus), Google talk, Google voice to receive our messages?? Do we need 4 apps to do the same task just pulling the information from different sources…

    What really bother me why build Google plus messenger when we already have Google talk which does almost the same thing… Why Google just didn’t update the Google talk app to how the Google messenger app is now.. This is just confusing and frustrating… Why Google don’t just shut down talk since it looks that messenger has more feature and much more advance then Google talk..

  22. Ah yes. I’m about to love my Nexus even more…

  23. Cant google push minor updates via playstore?

    Eg. Windows update

  24. Revamped UI for the Play Music app, better image processing, more Butter, better video processing for g+ hangouts, maybe merge messaging, talk, and Google voice apps into one badass app

  25. Really not too worried about display resolution. Battery life is paramount. But many more tweaks could be made to apps. Like the play music app. It needs to be revamped more, but especially the equalizer need work. Along with more widget options, and a lockscreen option.

  26. Why do people keep calling Kandy Kane a pie?

  27. The rate of these OS upgades is getting a bit old, seriously. I think at times the cell phone market moves to damn fast for its own good as well as the consumer.

  28. Better Resolution for Contact Photos Sync for CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

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