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With Google’s Glass Foundry events taking place lately — one went down in San Francisco this past week, and a New York City event will commence tomorrow — you had to guess that the device is approved to be used and consumed in the United States, or at least close to that point. Sure enough, listings for the HUD-enabled glasses have been spotted inside the digital file drawers of the FCC.

The publication of these documents don’t tell us anything that we haven’t already known or assumed. We do know that WiFi 802.11b/g will be on board and Bluetooth 4.0 will be an alternate wireless data option, but that’s about it right now. The bone-conduction technology we heard about in a recent patent filing does seem to be on board, as well. We’re glad to see that this wasn’t just a concept Google was dreaming up.

It seems the paperwork was filed a couple of months ago, so it’s obvious Google requested a temporary hold to make sure one of us know what it was up to. Once this device makes its way through all of the necessary steps for approval Google will be able to legally distribute the devices in the United States. Of course, the only folks getting their hands on these glasses anytime soon are the developers who pre-ordered the early preview units at last year’s Google I/O.

Phandroid plopped cash down for three of those if you don’t remember, though we’re still in the dark in regards to the arrival date. We’ll be waiting patiently for those details to roll in, but in the meantime we’re just happy to know that the device does look to be on track to be in the public’s hands — in one way or another — at some point this year.

[FCC via Gizmodo]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Guys at the FCC…

    “Yeeeeah, we will need to hold onto these for further testing. Yeah, further testing.”

    1. Yeah,…..I should prolly apply for a job at this …FCC…….Will be doing a lot of FURTHER testing……

  2. Uh oh, Apple will sue, the glasses have rounding corners a Apple patented feature.

    1. Don’t forget… it has a camera in it too. Pretty sure Apple patented that also.

      1. It’s made of carbon. Sue em.

        1. Retina Display too, well it is part of the eye.

          1. no one forgets it uses WIFI! am sure apple invented that too!

    2. It’s innovative. Only Apple is allowed to do that.

  3. Iroically I am looking at these and looking at my own eye-glasses, then back at those…the back at mine. Mine look better and a lot lighter, but missing the plastic nose bridge that broke off.

    Think the wife would accept these as replacements for my $28 online prescription glasses?

    1. lolwut?

      1. Exactly!

        TL;DR – My eye glasses are borked…think the wife would accept my excuse that the Google ones are my replacements?

    2. You do realize that’s just a rendered image?

  4. Have any guys from Phandroid went to that top secret meet Google did for Project Glass?

  5. I’m still waiting for the holy grail in VR glasses: an ultra-hd laser beamed right into both retinas (yes, it’s safe), for full field of view augmented reality. Maybe version2 will feature this: and maybe version9 will feature an optic nerve nano-bypass :)

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