BlackBerry Z10 vs. Nexus 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5


Here comes BlackBerry’s latest push, but how does it stack up to some of the most popular handsets on the market today? The Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 represent two of the best-selling devices for their respective platforms, while the Nexus 4 by LG operates as Google’s example of what they think an Android phone should be.

BlackBerry’s all-touch Z10 stacks up reasonably well, though for those obsessed with the latest and greatest mobile advancements, elements like a quad-core CPU will be missed. Ultimately, the real comparison will come down to the BlackBerry 10 OS playing nice with the given hardware while winning over consumers. It will be an uphill battle, for sure. Click on the above chart for a bigger view.

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RIM is now BlackBerry, announces BlackBerry 10 and new devices

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  1. what? no lumia 920 to compare all 4 OS? lol

    1. exactly! always leaving others out.

    2. Windows Phone lost when they started.

    3. the ugliest phone known to mankind

      1. let’s get real. lol.

    4. What’s a Lumia 920?

  2. still better than the iphone

    1. anything is

      1. Thunderbolt.

        1. yup. Still better

          1. Just checking

    2. Still better than a Windows Phone at that.

  3. This is too little, too late for Blackberry (RIP RIM).These are the types of moves they should have been making two years ago when their market share started making a sharp decline. As of right now, it’s difficult to imagine who these BB10 devices will appeal to outside of previous Blackberry users who haven’t yet moved on.

    Blackberry has one foot in the grave already and I just don’t see this injecting much life into the platform. It looks like their investors feel the same way –> http://venturebeat.com/2013/01/30/blackberry-investors-unimpressed-with-bb10-stock-down-5/

    1. These specs 2 years ago would not have happened for any manufacturer yet

      1. Specs, maybe not, not the os certainly could have been there. Specs be damned if the os gets the job done that is what really matters.

    2. Nope. I’ve been with Fragmendroid for the last 2 years, Not BB. And I’m switching to BB. Then again, I actually have been following the tech and know exactly how it works, which can’t be said for 99% of the comments here.

  4. I’m not even remotely interested. Honestly I’d get an iPhone before this.

  5. What does the GS3 use the barometer for?

    1. aids in correcting altitude measurements by the GPS

      1. If true that’s very interesting

  6. This chart would make a great quiz question first grade students. “Which phone is different from all the others”? The nexus 4 with no LTE of course.

    1. or the iphone with no nfc

      1. 4g was a good argument against previous iphones, but the nfc argument is pretty weak. we need something new.

        1. I disagree. there are tons of uses for NFC. And everyone knows when Apple supports something it takes off, so apple is holding us back on things like mobile payments becoming a standard.

          1. That’s exactly my point though. NFC needs Apple, Apple doesn’t need NFC. 4G became a standard even without iPhone support, so it was much more of an argument point. NFC won’t be a serious argument until it becomes much more wide spread. I have Evo 4g lte (actually i just ordered a nexus 4) and i couldnt give two shits about NFC. There arent many practical instances yet, to my knowledge that it actually makes my day any more convenient, all id does is allow me to say “oh that’s cool”

        2. NFC currently is a flat out gimmick. Mine doesn’t work or isn’t compatible completely with other phones.

          1. And what NFC device are you running? My Nexus 4’s NFC worked just fine when I shared a video via NFC to a GS3

          2. I have a Galaxy SII. And even out of the case it is not working well. When it works, it only transfers web pages and youtube videos. Nothing else.

          3. You do realize they don’t and didn’t advertise NFC on that device though it does have the NFC maybe its missing something and that being the reason they didn’t advertise it as a NFC device and also prolly the reason you have NFC issues… Get an actual NFC device and you wont have those issues.

          4. It dwas advertised as an NFC device, has android beam installed and the battery was made with NFC tech built in. Therefore it is an actual NFC device. And it doesn’t work well.

          5. The moral of the story, I think, is that while your specific device isn’t working, there are plenty of others that do.

          6. I am not gonna keep blowing money to get a phone that works. This is my 5th android phone in 4 years. Every last one of them were glitchy, freeze up, or bricked. Any better ideas?

          7. Only reason NFC wouldn’t work is if you have a case on your phone because at that point the case interferes with the signal between the devices.

          8. I used my GNex to share photos to my friend’s GS3 the other day via NFC. Both of us had cases on our phones. Worked fine.

        3. Simply Tapp = Awesome Google Wallet clone for those running CM. It’s great trolling the McDonalds employees when their iPhone can’t do it. And yes, I’d rather run Google Wallet but device isn’t supported :-(

  7. I love the gesture interface of the BB10 but the phone itself is fugly, look at all that bezel

  8. that huge bezel with those on screen buttons makes the viewable area laughable

    1. just like iphone

      1. iPhone is still a very good size though, and so damn thin.

        What stuck out to me was the bland look of this new BB, and how thick it is.

    2. Dunno. It looks good to me.

  9. Why isn’t windows phone up there? O__o

    1. cuz its not relevant LOL

      1. its all about the sony xperia z! and thats not there, what a waste.

      2. You know, this same thing was said about android back when comparing the iPhone with other smartphone options years ago? Windows phone certainly is relevant, now more than ever. The lumia 920 has sold over 5 million units. That’s a whole lot more than nothing. Apple started there, Android started there, etc.

  10. … smaller screen, yet almost the same size as the S3.

  11. Nexus 4 all the way with stock Android that guarantees you will always get Google soft updates all the time.

    BB on the other hand is still plagued with software issues and problems. Also apps are not readily available for BB10 :-(

  12. For their 1st ALL TOCUSCREEN what did you expect….a bezel-less display? Come on..it’s not that fugly…I mean it’s no nexus but for a BB it will work. Anyone running out the door to nab one of these bad boys?

    1. it’s not their first all TOUCHscreen phone. ever hear of the BlackBerry Storm? know your phone history, buddy.

      1. While I am not going to be as condescending in my response as you were just there, I will point out that with the storm (and storm 2), call buttons as well as the blackberry buttons were actually dedicated hardware keys. The screen itself technically was a hardware key as well as it had to be physically depressed when making selections, typing, etc.

  13. where is the Sony Xperia Z in this comparison? why is sony always left out?! this is a super smartphone!

    1. Sony is the bigest piece of crap you can get . SONY sucks large!

      1. Hahaha! Stupid argument.

        1. I work for Sony and we have tons of complains about Sony phones they are the worst mobile phones. I would stay away from them as far as I can. There are a lot of defective phones something that we never share with customers. Also there’s a high rate of incompatibility with software. I personally would never get Sony mobile phone I can get them for free from the back shelf of any Sony store and I’m still with blackberry.

      2. WRONG! Sony ericsson sucks, sony has gotten their stuff together and made great phones. Acro S, Xperia V and Xperia Z are ALL top notch phones. Sony focus a lot more on the phones built quality than samsung, htc and lg.

  14. I think it may be too late for them! They should have went all out and made a 5.6inch screen playbook phone and more options. I do like how they have a removable battery and micro sd slot.

  15. the bb phone will fall to mid-low range when the new android phones reach the market, u cant compare that specs with big little and a 1080p screen

  16. Why compare it to the N4? The dev community makes the N4 infinity times better.

  17. All phones on this chart can do CDMA and LTE except the Nexus 4. Good job Google.

  18. What does the barometer do again? LoL!!

    1. measures air pressure.

  19. Samsung galaxy s3 processor is wrong, according to gsmarena it is a Quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex-A9

    1. Yes for the international version but the chart is correct for the us versions

      1. I stand corrected, :) but out of the three already released I still prefer the sgs3

  20. Same width as the GS3, but a 4.2″ screen. Those bezels are perfect for people with sausage-fingers.

    1. congrats, you’re around the 5th person who failed to find out that the bezels are because BB10 uses a swipe UI with NO buttons. That means no old fashioned and outdated home and back buttons for lousy navigation around your phone

      1. So swipe nagivation doesn’t work with small bezels?

  21. Is the RAM really unknown for the iphone? That seems weird.

  22. I did ask the BlackBerry blog if the new Z10 is dualbootable with CyanogenMod. So that has the potential to make me care about it. XD

  23. I bought the BB playbook (Because it was cheap) and I’m extremely impressed with the OS. If they can make some improvements on that, I think any Blackberry phones with hardware such as these 2 new ones will have a real chance. I use my PB more than my iPad because of it’s ease of use. Only the app selection is horrid, and looks like that is about to improve tremendously.

  24. Why don’t they ever show to UK’s lte s3, it has 2gb of ram, and the quad core processor, I think it’s 1.3ghz

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