Android Overload: Judge rules Samsung did not willfully copy Apple, Sony’s 6.4-inch phablet might get a stylus, and more


The Android Overload is where we feature the biggest news stories from throughout the day (see above video), as well as stash all of the stories/articles/news bits that didn’t make it onto our front page. But just because they weren’t featured doesn’t mean they aren’t worth taking a look at. In fact, there’s almost always a little something here for everyone. So, take a look around and let us know if you find anything of interest.

  • Judge Koh has ruled that Samsung did not willfully copy Apple in the patent infringement case. While the original verdict still stands, this means Apple wont be awarded any additional damages in their suit. New trial also denied. [The Verge]
  • Zombie Road Trip cruises into the Play Store from Noodlecake Studios (the creators of Super Stickman Golf). [Google Play]
  • Upcoming Wii U platformer Oliver Spike built using Unity Engine. Does this mean we can expect an Android version soon?  [Wii U Daily]
  • Samsung Galaxy Pop announced for South Korea. Galaxy S3 with a new name? [SammyHub]
  • Sony’s 6.44-inch “Togari” phablet might get its own stylus and IR blaster. This could make it the perfect Note 3 challenger. [PhoneArena]
  • WhatsApp developers need to see this concept redesign of their app and apply it. Immediately. [Imgur]
  • 15 awesome icon packs for Android. Unzip and use them with your favorite launcher! [GeeksHaveLanded]
  • Google gives away 15,000 Raspberry Pi’s to children in the UK to help encourage programming skills. Makes me consider shipping my little cousin to London. [TheGuardian]
  • Sony Music Unlimited (all you can eat music streaming for a monthly fee) upgraded to support 320Kbps high-quality streaming. [Google Play]
  • Dungeon Quest now available in the Play Store. Lookin’ pretty good. [Google Play]
  • Edgar Cervantes reviews Able Remote for Google TV. [GTVSource]
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  1. “New trial also denied” Does this mean a re-trial is not allowed?

    1. Verdict stands. No re-trial.

      1. :(

      2. But thats just in that court right? they could appeal elsewhere couldn’t they?

        1. Yup, they’ll appeal.

          1. So it is NOT OVER! DAMN!

    2. This means IT IS OVER! Finally!

      1. Nope. Appeal forthcoming…

  2. Now Sammy should pay Apple in singles. Hire a ton of people to “make it rain” at Apple’s front door and then just walk away. :)

    1. Hell yeah i would be one of those hired! :P

  3. Chris, you’d ship your cousin to those britts just over a $40 computer? Is that what you learned from My Little Pony sessions with her? I do not advise you watching South Park then LOL

    1. She’s small and could fit into a flat rate box. O_o

  4. Samsung can still appeal and use the F700 as evidence against the rotten fruit company, which their lawyer retardedly left out before.

  5. What it all means.

    No new trial.

    Samsung did not infringe “willfully” which means Apple won’t get triple damages.

    Samsung has _already_ appealed. It just takes time.

    Some of the patents from that $1 Billion verdict have _already_ been found to be invalid.

    It will be interesting to see what the appeals court thinks of a $1 Billion verdict for patents not *willfully* infringed. Who knows, Samsung might only have to pay actual damages instead of that “let’s send a message” verdict that the jury foreman wanted.

    At MOST, Samsung will have to pay $1 Billion and life will go on. Android will still come to dominate mobile market share regardless. Apple cannot stop it. Tim Cook can look down from Mt. Krumpit and muse “I must stop Android from coming. But how?”

    At this point, it seems Apple cannot even keep up with innovations in Android. They now seem to be behind and playing catch up. But that is to be expected when you are trying to compete against *everyone* else in the entire world. You can’t out innovate them all — all of the time.

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