Bid farewell to the Verizon Galaxy Nexus


Welp, folks, the ride is over. The Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus — the first of its kind, in fact — has finally reached end-of-life status. The Galaxy Nexus was the third Nexus device to grace the airwaves of the world, but it was the first Nexus device Verizon decided to try its hand at. While that hand was very far from perfect, the device was still decent success for the carrier and it made folks hopeful for the future of truly open devices on Big Red’s network.

Unfortunately, a few glaring issues plagued its existence. For starters, because Verizon’s LTE technology was proprietary Google was forced to go through their pipeline for firmware updates. The promise of a Nexus device was always that users would get updates fast and first, but updates for Verizon’s version were delayed weeks and months at a time due to the testing and certification process they have to go through. While those of us keen on rooting and ROM’ing devices didn’t have much of an issue with that, it’s clear to see why others didn’t take quite as kindly.

Another big bruise on an otherwise attractive package was Verizon’s need to control access to the device’s secure element. The NFC chip housed the element, and it’s something that is needed in order to allow full access to Google Wallet’s NFC payment features. For some reason, Verizon wouldn’t let Google — of all people — get that deep. This obviously led many to believe Verizon simply didn’t want Google Wallet competing with its own payments solution ISIS, as the latter continues to be the only service with access to the secure element.

It’s hard to say how Google felt about the way Verizon handled the Galaxy Nexus without being able to sit in on those uber private board meetings and conference calls, but we imagine it left a very sour taste in the search giant’s mouth. The future of the Nexus brand on Verizon is uncertain as a result, and although it looks like the carrier might still be getting a Nexus-esque phone (if recent Motorola X rumors are to be believed) it still won’t quite be the same.

The Verizon Galaxy Nexus will live on through sites like eBay and Craigslist and will continue to be backed by the most passionate development community there is, but don’t expect to walk into a Verizon store and see it paraded around any longer.

[Verizon via Droid-Life]

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  1. The Verizon Nexus finally reached EOL… Good riddens

    1. what are riddens?

      1. Its a type type of kitten

        1. nice try :D

  2. i got tortured by this phone for 10 months.

    1. Yea right like anyone here believes that you’ve owned an Android before -_-

      1. i dont need to prove anyone that i owned one. im just telling my experience with my two android phones. you and everyone can always choose to ignore my comments.

        1. Sure, sure fella.

  3. Will they still be providing updates at least? I don’t care it they take their time, I just want my Key Lime Pie!

    1. More than likely it’ll be pulled from the newest nexus

  4. That means Sprint should pretty much be getting close to their EOL for their version. I cant believe this phone still was on VZ or Sprint with some issues. I have one on sprint and I can say I am disappointed with its Overheating problem and inability to charge even with Data intensive programs and GPS on. It was a huge battery drainer for those two reasons, and its 3G signal is dismal and slow. I know thru forums some VZ users experienced the same issues. What I would have thought was that Google and Samsung would at least pull of revision of the internals to help the phone runner cooler, charge better, and run WIFI/GPS and whatever without losing so much power. The only way I’ve managed to stay content with my GNex is by getting 3800mah battery. But that’s not how i intended the phone to be and wanted it to be. Still runs fast stock or custom and even with the increase in temps at times. I really thought they would have addressed the battery drain and internals better, tho………anyone recently get a nexus and experiencing severe drain on 3G and stock Battery?

    1. I think you just dont understand this technology. Speeds were dismal because LTE was nowhere. Sprint’s network is such a joke that when I called they admitted that there are open tickets everywhere and offered a $25 monthly credit. Im still leaving. All of my friends CDMA phones are horrid on Sprint as well, its the network instead of the phone.

      As for battery using GPS and such. Think for a moment? How involved is GPS navigation? Its the most taxing thing a phone can do. Screen at max brightness, constantly using data, probably bluetooth too and then constantly sampling GPS while heavy processing for all of that coordination. Doing the same thing killed the battery on my old iphone4 as well.

      Heat is heat, every device Ive ever owned got hot when taxing it.

      1. Weird, I get great battery life (1.5 – 2 days on 3G/Wi-Max with 4 – 6+ hours screen on time) and good (for Sprint) network speeds via 3G (1Mbps+) and Wi-Max (15Mbps+) on my EVO 3D (running MeanROM 2.6 (ICS+Sense 3.6)). I know you were originally discussing the G’Nex, but it changed over to being an issue with Sprint in your post.

        I know my experience isn’t the norm though. I wish everyone who is on Sprint had the same speeds and coverage. I guess I’m just lucky. Totally agree about using the GPS though with regards to battery life.

        1. Your Evo 3D has got to be the last of the big thick phones we use to have that work properly. Here is the problem and I know I’m not dumb with tech..The Gnex is garbage as far as network speeds…it actually dropped the network speeds I used to have compared to my original Evo 4G, indoors and outdoors. Now Netflix, one of the most data intensive programs, was loading and playing movies faster on evo 4g then my sprint GNex. This is why I’m mentioning the internals. Google and Samsung made some mistake when they chose whatever Chip, Placement of radio, screen, or software config thats running this phone becuz it is taxing the hell out of its battery and causing overheating. It wont even charge during intensive tasks. My Evo 4G didn’t do this and i taxed the hell out of it…Sometimes i had GPS, WIFI and netflix running at the same time. Now this is all before Hurricane Sandy, over here on the east coast, before sprints speeds went to crap over here….So its definately the hardware or combo including software that’s making these Gnex’s eat battery and heat up, like they do.

          1. I see what you mean. You’re right about taxing the EVO 4G (and my 3D). My wife has an EVO 4G and she’s done GPS and music and AND charging at the same time, with no issue. I guess I am sort of glad that I never bought a Galaxy Nexus from Craigslist or eBay to replace my EVO 3D (before my upgrade which is in May) because I was tempted a few times before the ICS update finally arrived for my EVO 3D.

            LTE isn’t even deployed where I am, but Wi-Max is strong and fast here. It’s actually beginning to concern me that when my upgrade is due, LTE still won’t be here and I’ll lose Wi-Max if I get a new phone. I may just wait it out. But that sort of stinks in and of itself.

          2. Sorry bud, but those at not GNex issues. Those are Sprint/CDMA/WiMax/Verizon issues. I owned the GSM (REAL) Galaxy NEXUS before I gave it to my wife when my Nexus 4 arrived. I had none of those issues. My wife has none of those issues. I love my N4, but if didn’t have it, I’d go back to the GNexus in a heartbeat. Sorry to rain on the hate parade.

          3. Im pretty sure i stated it was issues with the Sprint version…. Hate parade’s not here…cuz i still use it, and u learn to deal with issues or find a solution, mine was to stick a huge battery in it. Im just stating what continues to go wrong..i think the best way to handle most issues with Android phones is to switch up to a different ROM, if developer support is there for it.

      2. Some of them were more or less defective. For instance, the screen on mine regularly gets painfully hot while not in use and drains the battery in the process. I brought this to the attention of Samsung’s tech support 10 days after I got it, and they told me to reset it by pulling the battery for a few minutes. Some times that works, some times it doesn’t. I never know when I’m going to get 5-6 hours of battery life or 1-2. For me, I love the features of the phone, but I hate the production quality Samsung put into it. My other problem is, of course, Verizon’s interference.

        1. I forgot to mention that my screen would be off and my phone unused for a while when the screen gets that hot; it’s not from using it nonstop.

  5. Would be nice if they would sell the Nexus 4 then.

    F**k both VZW and Google for not selling one.

  6. So does that make it official that it will not be getting Jelly Bean 4.2.x via OTA update?

  7. I don’t get why people hate this phone I had it for since launch with no issues until I broke it and got sent an S3 instead I like the s3 but I wouldn’t call it that big of an upgrade it’s just as smooth has a slightly better camera and battery life but the nexus holds it s own

    1. Wait… You got an S3 as an insurance replacement?

      1. please reply!?? :)

    2. Seriously… Cause my phone has a broken screen. If I knew a hundred dollar deductible was gonna get me ANYTHING beside the gnex I’d file a claim. Have no interest in spending a hundred bucks for another crappy gnex though.

      1. I have a cracked screen and would also like to know is there anything specific you had to do to have a S3 sent to you. I have made an insurance claim but let it expire. While making the claim the operator asked me which device I owned. I wonder if they have it on record. next claim I’ll ask if they have that info on record and if not I might try to con my way into a S3.

        1. Yes they have it on record and just tell them that you’d prefer to get a different device if possible since you’re not pleased with the one you had even before it broke.

          Back when I had a Droid X and the screen died on it, they replaced it with a Droid X2 since thats what they had in stock at the time.

  8. Good bye Galaxy Nexus. So sorry that Verizon screwed you with software updates.

    1. The hardware is garbage too. Horrible radio, absurd battery drain and overheats far beyond anything else. I’ve gone through 3 Gnex’s for various hardware issues and it makes me soooooo anxious to see what Google is gonna do with Moto this year. Tired of samsung junk and unsupported HTC.

      1. Well that is what happens when Samsung makes a phone… (Droid Charge user here…)

  9. anyone know the best 4.2 ROM for the this phone?

    1. I’m using MMuzzy

    2. AOKP build 2

      1. +1 to this. Perhaps not the smoothest ROM out there, but by far some of the best tweaks out there. I particularly like the swiping across the notification bar to set screen brightness.

    3. JBSourcery, hands down, the best rom for any device. And the devs will actually respond and help, unlike most rom devs who think they are freaking gods.

    4. AOKP 4.2.1

  10. Nexus 5 here we come…..

  11. love my gnex. had it since launch now 4.1…not even 4.2 and i love it everyday.

  12. With Verizon’s meddling, this thing was an abomination from start to finish. Google should be ashamed for allowing that thing to be called a Nexus. I hope they’ve learned their lesson, and NEVER let this happen again.

    1. they learned their lesson alright. That’s why the N4 is GSM only.

  13. saw it at target today for $50 on a new contract

  14. @Bob, they were out of stock on galaxy nexus and the S3 is the newer replacement to the nexus. Even if you have multiple warranty issues with verizon they will offer you an s3 as a replacement.

  15. Verizon, does have a great wireless service. But they SUCK when it comes to customer satisfaction!!! They think they need to mirco manage EVERYONE’S life. Wake up Verizon, B/C when Google finally gets there wifi and internet service all over the USA. They will offer a BETTER and FASTER Choice and I guarantee MANY people wil leave ur Company!! Mark my words!!!!!

  16. So sad that just barely over 1 year old and its already EOL Status?….
    Im sorry, but that’s just f-ing ridiculous……

    1. This is what gets me mad about Android. How does a phone that is less than one year reach EOL status smh

      1. What happened to the carrier promise of 18 months of rapid upgrades?

  17. I’m only holding on to this phone until something awesome hits the market….maybe the S4 or Motorola X. I hate the poor battery life (even on AOKP with Lean Kernal) poor WiFi and 3g signals, overheating and….poor battery life.
    Got my phone on release date last year so not much longer to go.

    1. Seven months…

  18. love my galaxy nexus. bought S3 and went back to gnex. guess if you can’t update your own roms I understand you hating it. I have Google wallet, awesome battery life, love this phone and nothing out now is worth me losing my gnex.

  19. I bought my nexus on release day and still love it to this day. I of course have rooted and flashed a couple of different ROMs on it.

    But Verizon’s handling of the whole situation is quite simply horrible. They have definitely lost me as a customer then next time my contract comes up for renewal – I’ll be looking at T-mobile very carefully.

  20. If you were that unhappy with updates on this phone then why didn’t you just root it and get 4.2 as fast as us GSM users received it :P I was rooted after the update so 4.2 came super early for me. I loved paranoid android ever since I first flashed it. Never ending advancements from that Dev team…

    1. I keep meaning to, but I’ve never rooted and have been too busy to take the time to learn about it. I know it’s easy, but I like to learn my stuff before taking the plunge.

  21. Love my gnex. Perfect size n curved screen. Gs3 just too big for my taste n I have big hands. Planning to rock this phone for 3 yrs total minimum

  22. Another reason not to be on Verizon

  23. That is absolutely crazy that this phone would reach EOL so soon….especially since its a nexus branded device! Verizon is laughable at this point with how they handled carrying a nexus branded device.

  24. Still selling for $50 on contract here in Charlotte, NC…

  25. ’twas a good ride. I enjoyed everything on it except the glitchy OS, and low battery life WITH the extended battery. Oh and the SoC was sub-par

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