Tasker gets much-needed UI revamp in new beta


Tasker has been one of the most powerful and useful apps for Android since its inception — its trigger-based automation features are killer, and it is what Android is all about for some people. But its prehistoric user interface hasn’t aged well at all. Not only is it ugly, but it’s also a bit convoluted and confusing for the commoners of the Play Store inhabitants.

Back in early December, Google identified Tasker as one app that could benefit greatly from a redesign, giving us their rough vision of what a Holo-themed Tasker would look like. Well, it looks like our prayers have been answered to some degree. The latest beta of Tasker has been released for free, and it brings us the modern user interface that should soon kill off the old one for all eternity.

There isn’t some amazingly deep user interface work being put to action here, but that’s not what Tasker is all about. There will still be a learning curve for those who want to get the most out of it, but the app won’t stick out on your device like the sore thumb that it once was.

We’ll be running this little guy through the gauntlet soon enough, and you’ll want to as well while you have the chance — the stable version of the current app is almost $7, and we imagine the update won’t be much cheaper once it exits beta at some point in the future. Grab your download here.

[via Droid-Life]

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  1. Nice! Atm, I use tasker for 3 mains purposes

    1- When I plug my headphones jack in the car, it automatically opens up poweramp ready for me to use. (poweramp has this feature but will automatically play the music)

    2 – When at work or home wifi, pattern lock is disabled. (must first input the pattern once tho for security)

    3 – opening Google maps will disable screen timeout.

    What I need to do, opening google map will automatically turn on gps settings and off when maps is off.

    Here’s a great tasker tutorial site –

    1. Why would you need to disable screen timeout for Google maps?

      1. So the screen stays on while navigating.

        1. Umm… using Navigation keeps the screen turned on anyways (at least it always has for me).

          1. I think you’re right, but he may just leave it on the map instead of navigation just to see where he is. Just guessing though.

          2. ^ yeah, I need it on for just maps, without the navigation.

    2. I do something similar. When I turn on the ignition of my car, the car’s BT syncs with my phone’s BT and I launch poweramp and resume from the last song. I also added when they are no longer in sync to shut down poweramp. I use the same task for my BT headphones. I also do an automated text response if someone sends me a txt while I’m driving (I use the same BT logic. If the 2 BT signals are linked that means I’m driving).

      The other useful task I have is that I set my phone to be totally silent between midnite and 6am unless the call/text is from a family member.

  2. tasker is pretty good – but I prefer llama (the app, not the animal). btw i own and have used both.

    1. Yeah me too. I recently removed Tasker. guess I should try it again though. Biggest problem I had with tasker that it was pretty much unusable with that horrible UI. Perhaps now that’s fixed.

  3. The plus icon is off center :-(

    1. lol

  4. I welcome the UI change as long as it doesn’t lose functionality. Ease of use usually doesn’t go well with the high customisability that Tasker gives – hopefully they will with the new UI.

  5. I think the layout of Tasker is very intuitive. Also, once you have your profiles set up you don’t have to ever look at the application again, so the look of it isn’t a big deal.

  6. i have no problem with tasker the way it is now, but I won’t complain about a new UI.
    I use it to keep my screen off when I plug in a headset(and to start music if my screen is off), and to manage my keyboard(most keyboard switchers don’t recognise removable keyboards)
    I also used the app factory feature to make a shortcut for popup browser.

  7. Unfortunately the app isn’t really changed at all. It just looks a tad less ugly that’s all

  8. My tablets launcher and programs are constantly not responding

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