OneLouder’s 1Weather gets big 2.0 update


Our friends at OneLouder, the studio behind Play Store hits such as TweetCaster and FriendCaster, have let us know that its weather app has gotten itself a nice big upgrade today. We’re in version two, and with that comes new support for Android tablets. You’ll get an entirely new user interface tailored specifically for the bigger devices so you can get your comprehensive weather experience no matter which device you prefer to use.

The user interface in general has been refined for phone and tablet users alike, giving folks a nice, clean look at everything they need to know about the elements in the days ahead. One of the major changes users can look forward to is an improved layout severe weather alert notification screens.

An optimized radar screen, improved ongoing notification support, a map pin feature, lock-screen widgets for Android 4.2 owners (there’ll be a few different options to choose from in terms of styling, one of which you can see just above) and more are all part of today’s updates.

It’s an exciting piece of work for sure, and more exciting is the fact that it’s still free — you’ll just have to deal with an ad or two. If that bothers you then you’ll be happy to know that OneLouder gives you the ability to get rid of the ads for a nominal, small fee of $2. Give it a shot in the Google Play Store and see if 1Weather will finally give you a reason to get excited about weather.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. sigh

    still no radar?

    Weather apps without a radar are like cheeseburgers without french fries.

    1. This app has always had radar. A great one at that.

    2. 2nd to last slide of the app then click the play button, you can also set different terrains and so forth

    3. Not really, Doppler in my area (Mendocino County, Northwestern California) is often wrong, due to us being right at the edge of two Doppler’s, plus the mountains and forest cover here mess with it. I only use it a rough indicator of what’s really going on, as I’ve looked out to see heavy rain or snow, only to see Doppler show nothing, or vice versa.

  2. I used to use this weather app, but it ran pretty slowly and it wasn’t quite as intuitive as I hoped. It had a lot of clutter which couldn’t be cleaned up (the different screens were not editable as far as which ones appear and which to get rid of). Honestly, with Google Now, I don’t feel the need to have a dedicated weather app.

  3. love the whole interface, the animations information and widgets. nicely done

  4. I had this when it first came out – at the time it was the best designed weather app around by a mile with such a clean & easy to use UI. I haven’t used it in over a year due to me using 2 others at a time anyhow – one of which is local based so is more accurate.

    However I will DL just to see what has new.

  5. nobody comes close to MYCAST.

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