Campbell’s running “Hack the Kitchen” development competition for a chance to win up to $50,000


Developers looking for a nice supplemental salary to get them through 2013 might want to take up an offer that Campbell’s, the folks behind those delicious soup products, has put on the table. The company is offering a $25,000 first place prize to whoever can create an app that will help families decide what to have for dinner in its “Hack the Kitchen” competition.

Should your idea be awarded the first place prize you’ll not only get a guaranteed $25,000, but you’ll be offered a $25,000 contract to develop the app into a full market-ready app. That’s a grand total of $50,000 for following through with it all, and any small-time developer knows that $50,000 is nothing to sneeze at.

Campbell’s is also offering compensation for whoever is voted as the runner-up, with a $10,000 prize for whoever comes in second. Their idea will also be kept on board for possible future development if Campbell’s ever feels the desire to launch it.

Your entry can be a traditional app or even a game, “or something totally new,” if you so desire. You have until February 1st to submit your initial idea, and you’ll have until March 1st to submit your prototype. The top 10 finalists will be announced on March 11th, and those folks will be invited to Google’s Mountain View headquarters to present their application on March 22nd.

If you’re not preoccupied with other projects and want a chance to make some nice money for 2013 then get over to Campbell’s site to learn more about how you can enter.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is becoming a trend…

  2. I wasn’t really interested until I read “will be invited to Google Mountain View headquarters to present their application”.

    I’m in!

  3. I fear the kitchen was hacked long ago by “food scientists” and economic necessity.

    Campbell’s soup used to be a great go-to when pennies were tight.
    Heck, my mom fed five kids on the stuff!

    Nowadays I find their soups to be all-but-inedible, containing far too much salt and ingredients that often don’t bear close inspection, not to mention an overall “Campbell’s-esque” flavor that spreads across their entire product line…a not entirely pleasant one at that.

    I understand that they are an iconic American brand, but I fear that they have taken one or two too many steps towards making food products that are just plain cheap in an effort to stay competitive.

    Sorry for the OT rant.
    Please, enjoy your promotion.

    1. They should be disallowed using word “food” and “eat” in their commercials.

  4. 1. Nice idea to get a cheap APP without having an own idea…

    2. They pay you 50k$ at the end to develop a market-ready App -> Great Prize (to be honest, I would take the 25k$ for the first prize (and with that I’ve already to deliver all code and they get the intellectual property, if you have any kind of your own classes or framework you re-use in several apps then you’re already doomed at this point…) and won’t take the contract… Perhaps they’ll find some other idiot that will deliver a market ready app (running on all devices) for 25k$. And be sure: when building the App they’ll come with 1000 extra ideas that they want, and if it’s graphics…it can kill you)

    3. They invite you to Google HQ, but you have to pay the trip by yourself…

    4. Additionally you have to deliver documentation, test results, a presentation and a video …

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