Jan 19th, 2013

Smartphone displays can’t get much better at this point. Full HD resolution screens are becoming a standard and there is a type of display for everyone, but many times the phone you want doesn’t have the type of display you prefer. Sacrificing your favorite display type for better specs/features is simply necessary sometimes, but Sony is here to revolutionize the way we look at this.

All displays have their pros and cons. AMOLEDs are known for deep blacks and saturated colors, while LCDs are known for realistic colors and IPS screens offer better viewing angles. Until now, though, no Android smartphone has given us the option to calibrate the screen. Some Samsung devices will allow you to adjust saturation, but that’s about it. The Japanese manufacturer will be the first to bring us full-featured screen calibration with the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL.

Different displays technologies will still have their clear separations, but at least we will be able to get them closer to what we prefer. Imagine being able to make colors brighter on an LCD screen to make it look more like a Super AMOLED (or vice versa). Or what about darker blacks? Or whiter whites?

Manufacturers need to understand not all of us like their optimal screen settings. It’s the same reason why I never want my TVs to be professionally calibrated. I don’t like those “realistic” images. I want blacks to be dark… and colors to be bright and pop out. I even like that “soap opera” effect that makes movies look weird to others. Many call my TV settings surreal, but that is the way I enjoy TV and I am glad no TV manufacturer is forcing me to use their settings.

Smartphone displays are no different, and this is why I tend to lean towards AMOLED displays. I know I would be more likely to purchase a non-AMOLED smartphone if I could calibrate it to my will. I am also sure many of you wouldn’t avoid AMOLED so much if you could change the way it looks.

This might partially be a rant, but it is a very valid one. How can we claim our OS is the most flexible when we can’t customize the display itself? Props to Sony for making it happen. I hope more manufacturers start giving us this option – do you?

[via secafe]

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