Opera Ice shows off next gen web browsing, coming to Android in February [VIDEO]


If you’re a web browsing veteran, you’ve no doubt heard of Opera. Sort of the underdog in the browser space, the company is probably most well known from their work in Android for releasing a browser that actually compresses data on the server end, then speedily sends a slimmed down web page to its user quicker than if it was the original page. It worked pretty well for a good while, the only problem was the vast rollout of 4G LTE kinda eliminated the need for Opera and it was back to good ‘ol Chrome/stock Android browsers.

Well, the company is attempting to make a comeback, this time they have a new web browser set to debut on Android (and iOS) in February that introduces a pure visual experience to traditional web browsing. The touch-based UI acts almost like an OS in itself, featuring a homescreen that can launch web pages and bookmark them without diving into stale, boring menus. It’s actually pretty damn cool. Take a look.

What did you guys think? You ready to ditch your current browser in favor of some Ice? What are you guys currently using as your favorite?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. It looks interesting, but still pretty “meh”. I use Chrome because of the sync capabilities – opening pages from other devices on my phone (so I don’t even need to “send” pages to my phone, I just open an existing tab from my desktop), bookmark sharing, etc. Not to mention Chrome on Android is faster than any other browser I’ve tried on the platform.

    1. I only use Chrome when I need to grab an open tab from Chrome on my desktop.

      If it’s just regular web browsing or opening a page someone linked to, I use the stock Android app (if my phone has it). So much quicker than Chrome.

      1. I really despise chrome on my genx uggh…stock browser is truly the way to go.

          1. Dolphin!

          2. I agree with Chris and Alchemy. The stock browser is best. Fast, still runs Flash, quick controls, and you get bookmark syncing, and the bookmarks even have screenshots and their icons. No other browser has all those features. Unfortunately, the Nexus line has kicked out the stock browser on favor of Chrome- so I can’t use it on my N4 without rooting.

    2. meh meh meh meh

  2. It used to be Dolphin for me, now it’s Chrome on every device I have. And no, I will not ditch Chrome for Ice – it already has half of the stuff the dude demo’ed.

  3. as Chavez said: “Pretty damn cool…”
    Wow, Nice browser…

  4. Looks “Pretty damn cool…” I’ll check it out as soon as it’s released.

  5. The only cool part was the visual search, which is just that – a visual enhancement. I don’t see any functionality added whatsoever.

    1. Isn’t that the point of this new browser? Removing all the excess stuff, and purifying the browser, making it as simple and streamlined as possible?

      1. Geez why are people commenting with irrelevant stuff like that?

        1. Edit: nick olaguez edited his original comment, “Shatup,” to what it is now.

          1. I think you’re mistaken buddy. Go stick up for your lame browser somewhere else :)

          2. Stick up for a browser I’ve never even used? I’m simply pointing out the concept of this new browser, which is so easy to understand even a kid would know by looking at the video or reading the text.

            Now, what does that say about you?

          3. Thanks gandhi the world is a better place now because of you. One blog at a time.

    2. I don’t see visual search as being an enhancement at all. If I’m looking for something then I can tell by the result URIs what kind of site it is and from the snippet how relevant it is and I can do that quickly. A picture tells me nothing when it’s that small.

  6. I do like some of the features in the current Opera browser, but in truth this is going the wrong way. I prefer a minimal browser, not a browser that tries to do everything.

    My current favorite is Boat.

    1. Did you actually look at the video? It doesn’t get much more minimal than this.

      Geez. Why are people commenting with irrelevant stuff like that?

      1. I did look at the video. They went on and on about how they expect it to replace a bunch of native apps. I have no desire for that. Did you watch the video? Did you see the part where the Opera browser was already fully open (at his little app/shortcut page) yet it still took a couple of seconds with the icon strobing to actually load a webpage?

        Did you notice how he talked about getting rid of all the buttons, but there was still a full row of black, wasted space along the bottom, just for a glorified “back” button?

        Geez. Why are people ragging about other people’s opinions with irrelevant nerd rage?

        1. So you didn’t watch the video. It doesn’t mention replacing native apps even once. It talks about how one of the sites feels like a native app. And then he says you can of course open any normal web site as well.

          But all of that is irrelevant because that wasn’t what I commented on. I commented on how you started talking about prefering a minimal browser, while the video is showing one of the most minimal browsers out there. There’s hardly any UI.

          Oooh, it has one button at the bottom! Yes, that certainly contradicts what I wrote. Sure. Yes.

          Your straw men are pathetic.

          Irrelevant nerd rage? Says the guy who didn’t even watch the video, and then started raging when someone corrected his BS.

          1. Whatever dude. A tap of the “disqus” button there shows you’re defending this ice thing all over the net. More power to you…

          2. Yes, “whatever.” That’s what you say when you realize that you’ve made a fool of yourself.

  7. If it supports flash, I’ll look.

    1. not going to happen.
      adobe stopped supporting flash on mobile devices, and opera isn’t going to support a plugin that is no longer updated.

  8. It actually looms pretty neat. Wouldnt replace native apps, but all those apps that are nothing more than a Homs screen shortcut of the website could be hidden under opera ice.

  9. opera still trying to remain relevant. Soooo cute.

    1. I don’t know… They have something like 300 million active users by now. It’s huge in parts of Europe, Asia, etc.

      What’s cute is that you are so ignorant you have no clue that there’s a whole world out there, and not everything is always like they are in your home country.

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