Jan 18th, 2013

If you’re a web browsing veteran, you’ve no doubt heard of Opera. Sort of the underdog in the browser space, the company is probably most well known from their work in Android for releasing a browser that actually compresses data on the server end, then speedily sends a slimmed down web page to its user quicker than if it was the original page. It worked pretty well for a good while, the only problem was the vast rollout of 4G LTE kinda eliminated the need for Opera and it was back to good ‘ol Chrome/stock Android browsers.

Well, the company is attempting to make a comeback, this time they have a new web browser set to debut on Android (and iOS) in February that introduces a pure visual experience to traditional web browsing. The touch-based UI acts almost like an OS in itself, featuring a homescreen that can launch web pages and bookmark them without diving into stale, boring menus. It’s actually pretty damn cool. Take a look.

What did you guys think? You ready to ditch your current browser in favor of some Ice? What are you guys currently using as your favorite?


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