Jan 18th, 2013

After brief stints in the Play Store, it appears a few apps that can be described as nothing short of racist have finally been taken down directly by Google. “Make Me Asian” and “Make Me Indian” crept their way into Google Play back in November and allowed users to take pictures of themselves and give themselves stereotypical Asian or Indian “traits” by slanting their eyes, adjusting skin tone, or even pasting “fu manchu” mustaches and Native American headresses onto their pics (or pictures of friends).

After outcry from the Asian community, it appears Google finally listened and has removed both apps — as well as developer Kimbery Deiss — from the Play Store entirely. The developer also created a few less controversial apps like “Make Me Bald” and “Make Me Old” which are also no longer available for download.

These apps creeping their way into the Play Store spotlight the very different ways Google and Apple allow apps into their app stores. Where Apple takes a very proactive roll of reviewing each app individually before it enters into their store, Google’s only scans apps for malware using a process they call Bouncer, then addresses other concerns (like censorship) only after they’ve been live and downloaded by users.

[via NPR]