Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to come in Ruby Wine and Amber Brown color options


Samsung will soon introduce two new color options for those looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the near future. Accompanying the current Marble White and Titanium Grey options will be Ruby Wine and Amber Brown. The former will sport a reddish hue that is not unlike a fine red wine, of course, while the brown version is just that — brown.

Both of these options seem to be textured like the Titanium Grey version. It’s an interesting combination that is reminiscent of a tootsie pop, and perhaps it was Samsung’s intention to have these new models remind people of delicious pieces of candy. Hungry thoughts aside, don’t look for much more than a color change here — it’s still a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

You’ll still be getting that 5.5 inch 720p HD display, 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor, 2GB of RAM, 8 megapixel rear camera with 2 megapixel front camera, S Pen, Jelly Bean and more. Google Translate is having quite the tough time deciphering Samsung Tomorrow’s text, but it does mention something about “January 17th” — it’s possible these are available starting today in select markets, but we wouldn’t expect your ordinary carriers to have them right away.

Look for unlocked versions and select carriers in South Korea to offer the device sooner than anyone else, while those of us in Europe, North America and other parts of the world will be subject to carrier-specific plans. Take a look at them above.

[via Samsung Tomorrow]

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  1. What can brown do for me ? Nothing, UGLY !!! I’ll stick w/ the Grey.

    1. brown.

    2. I like the brown…kind of like the posh interiors of a Bentley or Rolls Royce with the fancy wood grain and chrome trim (not that I have one lol).

  2. Do NOT look into her eyes.
    It’s a trap!

    1. Yeah,that & her left hand has morphed into a NOTE 2……………..

      1. it was supersized, for her pleasure.

  3. I’d take either one if they came in 64GB, or even 32GB.

    1. Dude you can add an Micro SD chip and get more memory. That is what I did. Stop crying.

      1. Saying that I’d buy one if it had a certain feature is not crying. I’d prefer a 64GB phone with an empty slot so that I could put a 64GB card in it. I like having a lot of space :)

        1. for the Pron?

          1. lol nah, that’s what my laptop is for. I have like 200GB of music and I like to have as much of it stored locally as possible.

          2. By “music” you mean pron? :P

          3. Nah I only have like 45GB of pron.

          4. BULLY.

          5. Hey, it’s what I use the extra space for. IJS

      2. He cries all the time about tiny things.

      3. i don’t think he was, “crying.” lol

  4. I’ll stick with my new lovely Marble White Note 2 thanks… I’ll take the Korean chick though, I have a huge attraction for oriental gals, I need to find me one, American woman arn’t worth the trouble anymore nowadays

    1. Man with korean wife… wake up with stinky kimchee.

      1. kimchi is soo bomb, especially with ramen


  6. I think it’s safe to say she has suction cups for fingers on her left hand

  7. lol at the comments below…smh :P
    I like the red one though!

  8. Weres my black?

    1. why it gotta be blllllack?

      1. once you go black you never go back “no homo”

  9. The brown one just looks shitty. :D

    1. brown is dope.

  10. For
    Galaxy Note I must say that it’s a fast, big and gorgeous handset…….I am
    loving it.http://www.clickaphone.co.uk/samsung/galaxy-note-2/

  11. I do like the brown, and I believe that the screen bezel should match.

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