Jan 17th, 2013

Looking for a transport for all your devices and gadgets while you’re on-the-go? Powerbag’s line has always been one of the first stops for many considering its options come outfitted with high-capacity batteries and connections for charging most mobile devices you can hope to fit into one. Today’s your chance to get in on one of Powerbag’s more expensive offerings, though, as the device has gone up for sale at 1SaleaDay.com.

The daily sales site is selling the Rolling Office Powerbag for just $50. Compare this to the $250 it costs for getting it straight from Powerbag, and even the $100 it currently costs on Amazon. For that price you’re getting a satchel that has many different compartments to store things like your 15-inch laptops, tablets, smartphones and more.

It has standard microUSB, miniUSB and full-sized USB ports, as well as connections for those iOS devices you might have (you know who you are). Those connections hook up to a nice 6,000 mAh battery sitting inside that can charge your things on the go.

As the name suggests, the Rolling Office bag is outfitted with a set of wheels and a long handle so you can drag your stuff behind you instead of having to haul it over your back. It’s more roomy than the typical Powerbag backpack, too, so if you need to stuff in an extra change of clothes or something else you might need to bring along then that shouldn’t be an issue.

You only have about 13 hours to take advantage of this attractive price as of the time of this writing so don’t make any delay in heading to 1SaleADay if you’ve been waiting for the perfect price.