Is this render our first look at HTC’s M7 flagship?


Is this our first look at the HTC M7, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s 2013 flagship phone expected to launch at this year’s Mobile World Congress? The picture was purportedly captured from a training video instructing new buyers how to install a SIM into the device, and it shows a device that differs greatly from the design language of last year’s One series.

Specs attached to the M7 include a 4.7-inch 1080p display and 1.7GHz quad-core processor. More interestingly, the handset supposedly will carry an IR port on its top edge, which could be coupled with some sort of universal remote software (or perhaps serve another purpose).

In our opinion, the phone pictured here has a heck of a lot in common with a certain device from a company HTC recently signed a cross-licensing deal with. Perhaps the grounds of the deal allow for such similarities, or perhaps the device we see here does not represent the final design of the M7 at all. Rather, it could be a placeholder image used to illustrate basic functions of the phone.

Real, fake, or prototype design, this surely won’t be the last leak we see of the M7 between now and the end of February.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. it looks just like the Blackberry Z10

  2. Looks bad@ss but no more HTC for me sadly. Plus its probably going to AT&T.

  3. Hope not.. With those edges exposes.

  4. HTC iPhone? me don’t like

    1. My first thought too.

  5. FUGLY!!!
    Those better be stereo speakers in front otherwise that is too many holes for just the earpiece and mic.

  6. It’s almost as if HTC is trying to bore us lol. That actually looks like an iphone 5. I wish the best for them but that’s kinda meh. Especially those speaker holes being so obtrusive. Anywho, anyone tried the new Gene Effect game?

  7. Hah — I don’t understand how you all can love or hate how this phone looks from a single-angle image as it’s just a rounded rectangle with large HTC-style speaker grills (presumably stereo in landscape). HTC probably still hasn’t learned their lesson, though, so no microSDXC or removable battery in their flagship.

    (I’m just counting the days until GNote 3 in Q3/4…)

    1. Because we’re going off one picture… We’re judging one picture. If this is the front of the phone I’m sure it could turn people off from buying it. Or recruit some new people to HTC.

  8. ugly…… and i usually love HTC designed phones… sad panda if this is true

  9. FAKE!!!

  10. i hope this phone has a decent size battery for some heavy all day use!

  11. I wouldn’t buy it.

  12. So HTC is done for 2013… They already failed by not upping the screen size and this design is… Bleh

  13. Iphone 5s no thanks

  14. That would actually be pretty awesome. Instead of having nothing but dead space on the top and bottom, utilizing the bezels for stereo speakers would be an awesome move.

    I’ve been asking for stereo front facing speakers on phones for awhile now. Make it happen, HTC! :)

    1. To be honest, I don’t see HTC putting the speakers on the bottom of the front. They have not ever gotten rid of the capacitive buttons, and I don’t see them doing it now. You can’t press the speaker to use the back button, lol.

    2. I agree, great idea. Off the top of my head I don’t see any reason to put speakers on the back at all.

  15. Ok imma go ahead and say it, yall some dam fools, for 1. What if that is dual speakers, and it comes equipped with beats, talking about sound, and what if it does has memory card slot, and 2 gigs of ram, and what if it does have 2 amazing cameras, yall still gonna pass on this and what if it does look like an iPhone 5, imma be honest, I hate Apple, but I’ll be just a hater to say apple can’t design a phone, iPhone 5 is the best phone I ever seen as far as stlye goes, but I could never own it because I love android software, give me android with Sense on top, in a iPhone 5 design with a 4.7 to 5 inch HD screen, heck ill pay extra, and that’s the truth, I like to think of that as a fact weather an opinion, and who try to talk crap to me, well you know what you can kiss

    1. That is the longest run on sentence I have ever witnessed.

      1. and ur point,


      1. Wait… you actually read that? Props to you, haha.

  16. Look exactly like the iPhone 5.

  17. I’m totally down with purchasing a phone with Apple-like hardware design and Google’s software. I think the iPhone is a well designed, good looking device.

    iOS though…I’d rather shoot myself in the face.

  18. Lol, no.

  19. That is the longest run on sentence I have ever witnessed

  20. That is the longest run on sentence I have ever witnessed.

  21. Cosmetically it shares a lot of similarities with the iPhone 5. Is one of the reasons HTC felt the need to strike a cross-licencing deal with Apple?

  22. It looks a lot like the EVO LTE.

  23. Looks fake.

  24. I hope that IR feature is true. I’d like all smartphones to move towards this.

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