Dutch court rules Galaxy Tab does not infringe on iPad design


A ruling out of a district court in The Hague has cleared Samsung’s Galaxy Tab line of any infringement on Apple’s iPad design. The Dutch court had to mull the rounded corners of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 8.9, and Galaxy Tab 7.7, referencing previous rulings in British courts before deciding in Samsung’s favor.

As part of their defense, Samsung continued to point towards examples of tablet or tablet-like designs that preceded the iPad and featured a similar shape: the rounded-corner rectangle. It’s a tricky issue that has generated mixed results in courtrooms the world over as part of the sprawling intellectual property dispute Apple and Samsung are currently entangled in.

Apple and Samsung will continue their legal battle with a second trial set to begin in the US later this year.

[via Reuters]

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  1. If you believe Apple they invented and patented everything from the rounded corner to the first button. The patent system needs to be overhauled so a company can’t patient such basic things that have been around for years or even decades. These lawsuits are a waste of time and money. Apple is afraid. They are losing ground fast on their share of the phone and tablet market. Keep up the good job Samsung. BTW – I love my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

    1. the problem is.. IT DOESN’T MATTER. Whenever and if ever the patent system is fixed in the US it won’t matter to this case. An overhaul of that size will take years and everyone and their mother has to agree before it gets passed.

      Lastly, you are referring to the US patent system. This is a Dutch case. There are German, UK, AUS, Korean and other cases going on simultaneously. Apple (and other patent trolls) shop for sympathetic courts. Other country’s court systems do not, nor should they have to, abide by US law.

      1. A complete overhaul isn’t necessary to quell this sh** storm. The USPTO is on the right path currently but needs to be man enough to see it through. They are reviewing and invalidating some of these BS patents and hopefully they wont turn over when it goes to the next level. From there, they simply need to be more attentive before granting them. A complete overhaul WOULD take forever and its easier to look forward and do better in the future than it would be to go back and fix decades of nonsense.

      2. Unless he edited his comment, where does he specify the US patent system? Why can’t he be referring to the patent system as a whole?

    2. > The patent system needs to be overhauled

      If by overhauled you mean eliminated, then I would strongly agree.

  2. I hate when they show the app drawer on the GTab to falsely make it look similar. Why not show the real homepage with widgets????

    1. that’s how Apple received sympathy. Photoshop.

      1. Its not photoshop its just androids app drawer

    2. And a live wallpaper…

  3. I’m a cop. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for eleven years, and that picture is false advertisement and manipulation of evidence. One with homescreen and one with appdrawer, I didn’t realize we were playing bulls**t in court.

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